The articulator of Máximo Kirchner: Martín Insaurralde supports the leader of La Cámpora in the PJ while generating divisions, rejections and leaks

Martín Insaurralde was located as the main territorial support of Máximo Kirchner in his crusade to command the Buenos Aires PJ; This alliance leads to criticism from mayors, noise in the district and speculation about the revenue sought by the Lomense Credit: Frente de Todos

Martin Insaurralde is the mayor closest to Máximo Kirchner and his main territorial support in the crusade to stay with the presidency of the Justicialista Party of the province of Buenos Aires. It is a link that, close to the mayor, they characterize as very fluid and that is reflected in numerous visits by the leader of La Cámpora to Lomas de Zamora, a district that governs Insaurralde.

But the openness towards this group and its leader also generates the Loma president rispideces with other mayors and leaks in the municipal government. With power beyond the boundaries of his district as of provincial positions that he held with men of his kidney from agreements with María Eugenia Vidal and Axel Kicillof, the future of Insaurralde with this new alliance as a background is unknown, but it unleashes countless speculation about the revenue it could achieve.

A regular host of Máximo, Insaurralde fulfilled that role once again about ten days ago, in a barbecue in which the head of the block of deputies of the Frente de Todos questioned other justicialistas mayors who lead the party. Some of them, very close to Insaurralde until recently. Gustavo Menendez (Merlo), Fernando Gray (Esteban Echeverría) and Juan Zabaleta (Hurlingham) were the targeted ones, according to witnesses to the encounter. All three were absent.

Máximo Kirchner chose to be in Lomas de Zamora for the anniversary of his father's death: in the photo, flanked by Daniela Vilar, Martín Insaurralde and Federico Otermin
Máximo Kirchner chose to be in Lomas de Zamora for the anniversary of his father’s death: in the photo, flanked by Daniela Vilar, Martín Insaurralde and Federico Otermin Credit: Lomas de Zamora Press

A few days later, with an explicit endorsement of Máximo del Presidente Alberto Fernandez involved, the mayor of Lomas strongly supported the intention of the son of Cristina Kirchner to preside over the provincial PJ.

With this support via social networks, Insaurralde was the first and the most effusive of a list of communal chiefs to which they later joined Mariano Cascallares (Almirante Brown), Fernando Espinoza (La Matanza), Leonardo Nardini (Malvinas Argentinas), Ariel Sujarchuk (Escobar) and Juan José Mussi (Berazategui), among others.

A Peronist leader who knows the dynamics of the third electoral section, where Lomas de Zamora is located, affirms to THE NATION that Insaurralde was “away” from the mayors that made up the Esmeralda Group. This conglomerate was a Peronist armed group in times of the Cambiemos government, in which they were, among others, Gray, Zabaleta and Cascallares, whom Insaurralde would seek to “lead” towards his alliance with La Cámpora, the leader believes.

Through the Esmeralda Group and the governance agreements with Vidal, Insaurralde not only obtained fresh works and funds for his district, but also managed to get men of his trust to enter key organizations, such as the Court of Accounts: one of them is Juan Pablo Peredo, who controls the accounts of the municipalities.

The pattern was repeated when Kicillof became governor and Insaurralde added power beyond the limits of his district, with direct influence on holders of important positions due to political volume and cash management in the province. In this list of close people, the president of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies stands out, Federico Otermín, who was its spokesperson for years, and the head of the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos, Omar Galdurralde.

Martin Insaurralde
Martin Insaurralde Source: Archive – Credit: Alejandro Guyot

“They realize that the benefits are taken by Martín”, highlights the source consulted, which comments that the mayor of San Vicente, Nicolás Mantegazza, He is one of the “sponsored” by the Lomense chief.

In the surroundings of Insaurralde, the sources maintain secrecy when consulted by THE NATION on the objectives of the mayor in his alliance with Máximo Kirchner and La Cámpora. His future from this agreement enters the field of speculation.

A justicialista leader with a tour of Greater Buenos Aires contributes his hypothesis for the 2021 elections. “Otermín’s mandate expires and there is talk of a castling with Martín, who would go to preside over Deputies while Otermín goes as first councilor in Lomas”, speculate.

According to the same source, the agreement would imply for Insaurralde “to cede the management of the district to La Cámpora, maintain control of the Legislature, and an exit in the last two years of mandate, which can be complicated.” Insaurralde, if there are no changes in the law that prohibits mayors more than two consecutive periods, should leave the quartermaster in 2023 with no chance of re-election. His succession in the municipality is the axis of speculation.

The source adds that “La Cámpora asks Insaurralde permanently to overreact” and points out a “strong influence from Otermin” in that approach. The head of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies is married to the national deputy Daniela Vilar, member of La Cámpora.

Daniela Vilar, Cristina Kirchner and Federico Otermin
Daniela Vilar, Cristina Kirchner and Federico Otermin Credit: Facebook

Insaurralde’s move with Máximo Kirchner generates friction for the mayor with several of his peers. “He is burned. He has a very big discredit, he generated all this,” he tells THE NATION an intendant who claims not yet to decipher what is the game of Insaurralde in the alliance so that the camper chief assumes in the PJ.

Another community chief from the suburbs expresses himself in a similar sense: “Insaurralde sells being a political partner of Máximo. He does it at the cost of throwing out his relationship with Gray. [vicepresidente del PJ bonaerense] and with other mayors, because everything he fixes is for himself. “

Gray promises to resist the attack that Máximo carries out with the support of Insaurralde. “Different times are coming, of dialogue, of opening, of consensus and not of impositions,” he says in a year-end video for the residents of his district.

In the politics of Lomas de Zamora, the proximity with La Cámpora resulted in the resignation of Guillermo Viñuales, a historic hillside in Insaurralde that was his municipal chief of staff and seemed destined to succeed him. The former official now approached a non-Kirchnerist Peronist armed group in the third section called We Do, who held a plenary session in Lanús headed by referents from Together for Change such as Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Néstor Grindetti.

Viñuales’ departure implies the strengthening of a possible Peronist opposition group in Lomas. “Insaurralde wants to refer to himself as the leader of the third section, but that Peronist opposition focus is something with which other mayors chicane it,” slides a man from the justicialist party.

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