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The arrests came too late and raised suspicion: The Moreno Valle case makes headlines again

The tragedy took place during the afternoon of December 24, 2018, when the helicopter in which Governor Martha Erika Alonso and her husband and predecessor, Rafael Moreno Valle, collapsed in Puebla.

By Miquel Muñoz

Mexico, Dec 29 (EFE) .- The five arrests for the helicopter crash in which the Governor of Puebla died Martha Erika Alonso and her husband, the Senator Rafael Moreno Valle placeholder image, have not cleared up the doubts about an event that shocked the country on Christmas Eve 2018 and that sparked conspiracy theories.

Even the arrests, which number five and are charged with manslaughter, the federal government, chaired by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, attributed the accident to a technical failure of the device, an assertion now in question.

“Actually, what we have now is a technical investigation of the device,” explained Maribel Flores, director of the School of Social Sciences and Government of the Monterrey Technological Institute in Puebla, to Efe.

Rafael Moreno Valle and Martha Erika Alonso had become two of the most representative figures of the PAN. Photo: Hilda Ríos, Cuartoscuro.

After this investigation, the state prosecutor’s office detained four people, identified as José Antonio “N”, María “N”, Ricardo “N” and Israel “N”, all of them from the company Rotor Flight Services, in charge of the maintenance of the aircraft. rugged.

Those arrested are accused of the crimes of homicide by guilt, damage to property of others by guilt and falsehood in statements before an authority, although Flores warned that it is “irresponsible to speculate.”

“We still do not have a clear clarification of the case, nor conclusive information until the aspects that have remained in the pipeline in these last two years are explained. For example, what happened that day, what happened to the evidence, “he said, before recalling that the bodies of the then governor and her husband, who preceded him in office,” were cremated that day.


However, the specialist emphasized that the investigations showed that “on that date of December 24 the aircraft should not have flown” of the governor of the right-wing National Action Party (PAN), who was accompanied by her husband, an assistant of his and two pilots, all killed in the crash.

The federal government, which took office a week after the accident, gave itself until the first quarter of 2020 to conclude its investigation, and in March of this year presented a definitive report in which it ruled out sabotage to the aircraft and attributed the sinister to a technical failure.

Despite the existence of that document, Flores said, “there is no progress that really leads to a solid and sustainable investigation,” which corresponds to the Attorney General of the State of Puebla, where the helicopter collapsed.

The accident occurred on December 24, 2018. Photo: Alfred o Fernández, Cuartoscuro.

“It is a slow investigation due to the information that was required. We are already two years old. And it is insufficient because we still do not have strong indications either of an accident or of a situation of another type ”, he considered.

The expert, who also pointed out the extra difficulties due to the covid-19 pandemic, explained that most of the progress has been presented by the Federal Government’s Ministry of Communications and Transportation, while the Puebla Public Ministry has not reported “enough information.”

Tribute to Moreno Valle and Martha Erika Alonso. Photo: Moisés Pablo, Cuartoscuro.


The tragedy took place during the afternoon of December 24, 2018, when the helicopter in which Governor Martha Erika Alonso and her husband and predecessor, Rafael Moreno Valle, collapsed in Puebla.

Alonso had assumed the state government ten days before the accident in the midst of a strong political crisis, as his main rival in the elections and now governor, Miguel Barbosa, of the leftist and ruling National Regeneration Movement (Morena), contested the result.

Days after the incident, the president of Mexico and leader of Morena, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, rejected the conspiracy theories that pointed to his government and his party as the cause of the tragedy.

“When these events occurred, practically two years ago, we were in the middle of a very complex political-electoral moment,” Flores recalled, noting that the country and the state are again “in the middle of another electoral process that will also be concurrent. ”.

In June 2021, Mexico will experience the largest elections in its history, with the entire Chamber of Deputies in dispute, in addition to city councils and 15 state executives.

Despite the fact that Puebla will not decide on a new governor, 258 elective positions will be distributed there between delegations and city councils, so the reactions to the advances in this investigation will have “political overtones.”

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