Buenos Aires, Apr 2 (EFE) .- The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, who turned 62 this Friday and had already been vaccinated against covid-19, confirmed that he tested positive for antigens, waiting to receive the result of the PCR test.

“I wanted to tell you that at the end of today, after presenting a fever record of 37.3 and a slight headache, I performed an antigen test whose result was positive,” the president wrote on his Twitter account in the early morning of this Saturday.

“Although we are awaiting confirmation through the PCR test, I am already isolated, complying with the current protocol and following the indications of my personal doctor,” remarked Fernández, who on January 21 received the first dose of the Sputnik-V vaccine and on February 11 he was inoculated with the second, as reported to Efe from the Presidency.

The same sources specified that the president tested positive in a “rapid test” but is awaiting full confirmation with the PCR, the result of which will be known in “a few hours.”

Fernández, who on Saturday morning had planned to meet with the mayor of Buenos Aires, the opposition Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, to analyze the increase in infections that has been occurring in the country in recent days, added on Twitter that he has contacted the people with whom he was meeting in the last 48 hours “to assess whether they constitute a close contact for them to do the isolation.”

“For everyone’s information, I am physically well and, although I would have liked to end my birthday without this news, I am also in good spirits. I am grateful from my soul for the many expressions of affection that you have given me today, remembering my birth. “, he indicated in his message thread, which concluded by asking citizens to continue taking care of themselves and preserving the recommendations because” it is evident that the pandemic did not happen. “

Fernández’s last publicly known health problem dates back to June 2019, when he was still a presidential candidate for the October elections of that year: at that time it was reported that he suffered from an inflammation in the membrane that covers the thoracic cavity and the lungs.

The diagnosis was made after several studies after suffering a persistent cough.

Already then, the Peronist politician himself declared that “many years” ago he had a blood clot in his lung.

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