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the app to control the refresh rate on your Samsung mobile

Many of the Samsung phones that are launched in Spain have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, like its high-end. In addition, many models offer a variable refresh rate, allowing you to switch between the options offered in it. To have more control over it, there is an application that we can download to our Galaxy mobile.

This app is Galaxy Max Hz, a free application for Samsung mobiles, which will allow you to have greater control over said refresh rate. The application will give you greater control over its operation and configuration on your Galaxy mobile.

This is Galaxy Max Hz: control the refresh rate on Samsung

Galaxy Max Hz interfaz

A common problem with many Samsung phones is that you only have two options when setting the refresh rate: the maximum refresh rate (120 Hz on some models) and the standard rate. Galaxy Max Hz will allow users have more control over this aspect, by having more possibilities, such as using a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The possibilities will depend on each phone, because not all have some hidden refresh rate that they support.

By installing the application on a Samsung mobile we will have access to a series of functions. This is the list of functions that Galaxy Max Hz provides us:

  • Control the maximum refresh rate and force a 96Hz stealth mode (on supported devices).
  • Allows you to add a button in the quick settings to change the refresh rate easily.
  • Enable adaptive refresh rate mode on unsupported devices.
  • Allows you to set the minimum refresh rate value for adaptive mode to 60 Hz or less.
  • Forces the lower refresh rate when the screen is off.
  • See the refresh rate in real time with a monitoring tool.

Users with Samsung phones can thus have great control over the refresh rate, adapting it to any situation in which they use the device. Galaxy Max HZ does not need root access on the phone, although ADB will have to be done. The steps to follow for its use and installation can be seen on the app’s own Github page.

This app can be downloaded for free on your mobile, available at this link. Inside it there are ads, which you can remove with a single payment, which also gives you access to its premium version with a series of additional functions with which you have more control over said refresh rate.

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