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The Americanist who brings his passion to the universe of Marvel superheroes

In recent days the appearance of a character with the America shirt in comic number 22 of ‘Captain America and Falcon’ has become viral

In the Marvel universe it is common to identify references to icons of popular culture, cameos and tributes have remained in the memory of fans through their different productions. The most recent is a cartoon number 22 from ‘Captain America and Falcon’, which went viral in recent days due to the appearance of two characters with Club America and Real Betis shirts. However, the presence of both elastic bands is not by chance; It is a recognition of the work and love for the Eagles of the Mexican illustrator Humberto Ramos, made by his Spanish colleague Carlos Pacheco.

The native of Mexico City, who is about to serve two decades with the North American publishing house, He said he was surprised by the notoriety gained by the 2014 publication, which was reprinted in the wake of the current success of the ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​series. “He (Carlos) knew that I am a fan of America and it seemed like a good touch to put me on Easter eggs, it’s something we do a lot in comics. Personally, it is a pride; because he is a legendary artist and recognized in the industry. ”, he pointed out.

How did you find out that you were in the comic?

A: He told me: “you are going to appear on a page of the comic that I am making”, they are things like little jokes or gifts that we make in the guild.

After the appearance of the illustration, did your relationship with the fans change?

A: Before the pandemic, I used to go to conventions a lot and it became common for us to talk about soccer and America among Mexicans in the United States. Although it is not a comic that I have made, they take it for me to sign; but never a T-shirt, because it would usurp a place that does not belong to me.

The illustrator also mentioned that the azulcremas have not had any contact with him, unlike Real Betis who, at the time, did so with Carlos Pacheco himself, through the club legend Rafael Gordillo. “I didn’t expect it either, it was never my intention. Any fan would like to be recognized; but nothing happens if it doesn’t happen ”. A future collaboration between both parties is not ruled out either; although several factors should be aligned, including legal ones.

In the same way, he is honest in stating that he will execute another nod to Club América in another comic, although he has not yet defined how or when he will do it.

Zelada and Solari, the old and new guard of American superheroes

On the other hand, Humberto remembers the way in which the azulcrema squad of the 80s consolidated their passion for the team, to the point of enlisting in their basic strengths as a child, before beginning their training as a draftsman.

My first memories of soccer are from Los Cremas, watching Reinoso and Borja play; but with more awareness was that mythical alignment of Zelada, Bravo, Vinicio, Tena, Manzo, Ortega, Luna, Bacas, Outes and Batata. For me, the ideal America “. However, if I had to choose a single player to sign the comic where he proudly wears the Eagles shirt, I would choose Héctor Miguel Zelada from Pamplona: “He is the best goalkeeper I have ever seen. Ochoa is a phenomenon, but the Argentine had that portentous image; in my childhood, my superheroes were the players of America ”, he pointed out.

Another Argentine Americanista to his liking is ‘El Indiecito’, current technical director of the Eagles, in whom he says he sees a strategist with balance and who is excited about the future. “It is a team that is maturing and it seems that it is bearing fruit too fast, I would like to see him in the team for a long time with this plan”.

Finally, he says he trusts the azulcrema team to lift the title of this tournament and hopes it will be against an old man known as Cruz Azul, despite the long-standing rivalry he lives with his older brother, who is a follower of ‘La Maquina’.

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