The aggression of two young people to the security guards in the Salamanca hospital that prevented them from entering without a mask

The attack on two security guards at the Salamanca Hospital

The aggression suffered by two guards at the Salamanca hospital by two young people who refused to wear a mask caused outrage this Sunday in Spain.

A video, which went viral on social networks, shows two men insulting and beating two security guards of the Salamanca Clinic Hospital, in the region of Castilla y León. The guards hardly react, perhaps due to the fear of receiving a complaint for assault, something common in this type of episodes.

According to Spanish media, the attack occurred after the guards prohibited the aggressors from entering the medical center without a mask, whose use is mandatory throughout Spain without exceptions due to safety distance.

The president of the Board of Castile and Leon, Alfonso Fernández Manueco, condemned the episode.

“ALL the workers in the health centers of Castilla y León, whatever their function, dedicate themselves body and soul to taking care of our health and deserve the utmost respect and consideration. My strongest condemnation of this aggression and solidarity with the attacked vigilantes “the official wrote on Twitter.

Several users reacted to the video on social media. “Every day more violent and with less fear”, one commented.

“From the sector we are tired of so many aggressions and the physical and legal lack of protection that all the guards have, We are the invisible guild that only appears when people have problems ”, wrote another, who claimed to be a vigilante.

Thousands of complaints

Aggression occurs at times when the different police forces in Spain processed thousands of complaints this weekend, last days of Holy Week, for illegal parties or concentrations in the streets, especially in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, social gatherings are restricted to a maximum of six people in the street and a curfew applies from ten or eleven o’clock at night depending on each region.

The permits in bars and restaurants attract French and Germans (REUTERS / Javier Barbancho)
The permits in bars and restaurants attract French and Germans (REUTERS / Javier Barbancho)

However, these restrictions did not prevent thousands of young people attended illegal street parties, homes and bars at hours when they should be closed.

In Madrid, the Municipal Police intervened during Holy Week in a average of 117 illegal parties per day, a lower figure compared to previous weeks, but sanction proposals increased for being on the street during restricted hours, especially in the center of the capital.

They saw crowds after curfew, which in the capital is at eleven o’clock at night, one of the most lax in Spain, coinciding with the closure of entertainment venues, frequented by thousands of young people from Madrid and foreigners, especially French, attracted by the lesser restrictions of the Community of Madrid.

Since Friday, March 26, 4,654 fines were imposed for this reason, 1,980 penalties for not using the mask and 1,736 for alcohol consumption on public roads, the Madrid Municipal Police reported this Monday.

A similar situation was experienced in Catalonia, where in this Holy Week they were imposed more than 1,700 complaints for breaking the night curfew and a file was opened to some eighty bars, according to the acting Minister of the Interior of the Catalan Government, Miquel Sàmper, who warned of the risk of contagion posed by the increase in “illegal parties”.

Spain is at high risk for coronavirus, with a cumulative incidence of 151 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in fourteen days, although Madrid is well above the average with 267, while Catalonia is at 190, according to official data.


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