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The 6 best TikTok accounts to get fit

Tik Tok users spend an average of 52 minutes a day in the application, according to a study by Business of Apps. And, the truth is, we can’t be surprised when we read this data. It is difficult to explain, but this app has something magnetic that makes us spend almost an hour glued to the mobile, sliding the thumb down without stopping. Funny videos or ‘challenges’ hook us, not to mention those in which they teach you a recipe or a scientific curiosity in a few seconds. And no, we are not a generation of lazy people, but we like to receive information in a short and concise way (you can copy-paste this phrase when a ‘boomer’ messes with you 😂).

In this last year of confinement we have learned to dance (even with ourselves), to cook and even to make transitions thanks to this social network. And what else can Tik Tok do for us? Well get in shape. Because since we are going to spend so many hours watching videos, it would not be bad to take advantage of it to be able to do exercise at home. And if the videos have good music and some ‘challenge’ fit, the combo can’t be better. If you also want to start train with Tik Tok, stop scrolling and record these accounts.


Brenda, known as BrenVita in the networks, will become your new best friend as soon as you meet her. She is a nutritionist, but as she tells on her YouTube channel, she also fell into the trap of miracle diets when she was younger. Now, this healthy lifestyle guru triumphs with her ‘healthy’ life tips and her Tik Tok account we can’t like more. In her combine healthy recipes with workout routines. In addition, he usually makes videos in which he explains in detail how to do a specific exercise well, something essential to avoid injuries.


If you are starting to exercise, do not be scared when you see the videos of this boy. The level of muscles he handles and the difficulty of what he does can be overwhelming or, conversely, it can inspire you. No one expects you to become a circus trapeze artist overnight, but planks and push ups it does are easy to copy.


Coach Jennifer Tavenier is behind this workout account. Its main asset is that it teaches specific exercises to achieve specific objectives, such as boost lower abs or reduce cartridge belts. Its great fixation is the abdomen area already it comes to us of pearls.

We don’t intend to get your ultra-muscular arms (can anyone tell you to stop?) But the training circuits that he proposes are fast, powerful and effective. If you enter his profile you will see that he is very focused on upper body exercises, so you can combine his workouts with those of @soybrenvita for example.


If it is difficult for you to play sports and the classic workouts do not suit you, this is your account. It is the official profile of Zumba, a discipline created by the dancer Beto Pérez in the mid-1990s that combines ‘fitness’ and dance. In it you can find the funniest choreographies that, although at first glance it may not seem like it, they are quite sugary. Come on, you can do a cardio session while having fun. And if you record yourself, you will have content to upload to your networks.


The queen of ‘fitness’ is also on Tik Tok and usually posts quick sequences of exercises or even ‘challenges’. The best of its content, in addition to the ‘workouts’ it proposes, is the music it has. Oh, and you will not need equipment or any type of material to train with it.

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