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The 5 haircuts that will be requested the most this summer

With each season we feel the need for a change and this summer I practice it will prevail. We want to fix ourselves easily and this is what they will allow us the trend haircuts this season.

Fashions go from a radical transformation to making small touches that will refresh our face and hair to look the most chic in this season.

Most women want to feel comfortable and safe against hot temperatures and we have the perfect styles to achieve it.

Trendy haircuts this summer

1.- Flob and other straight manes

The flob is the same bob, only straight and without layers. It will be one of the favorite cuts to free ourselves from the heat and be practical this season.

Straight manes will be in high demand in beauty salons and the flob will be worn at the neck and, although the rectum will predominate, it can also be accompanied with fringes or front gradients.

2.- Hair with light layers and fringes

If you want to make a change of look for a more practical one, but taking care not to cut your hair too much, light layers are perfect for refreshing the face and much more if you accompany these haircuts with long bangs that are very fashionable.

3.- Garçon haircuts

The Garçon cut is the pixie cut. It is a fairly short style that will give a radical and more practical change to the mane. It can be layered to give hair volume or only done with straight cuts, any pixie style is ideal for these hot seasons.

4.- Mullet

Another of the practical and refreshing haircuts that will be in demand this summer will be the mullet. It is a style that returns from the past and is imposed with force. With this cut a practical gradient is made that leaves the back of the head a little longer and frees the front area.

5.- Shaggy

It is also a very daring cut. It is made with cuts that degraph the tips and it is generally worn slightly below the shoulders. It is a practical style and gives our hair a daring and playful air that does not require a lot of maintenance.

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