Boots and jeans are one of those combinations that were simply made to be together. It does not matter if you are a fan of skynnies, flared or straight, there will always be a style of boot that perfectly complements that cowboy that you have decided to wear and, contrary to what one may come to believe, boots are not an exclusive footwear for the coldest months of the year.

It depends on your outfits, especially those that involve skinny jeans, boots are a staple that, if we wanted, we could dress all seasons. There are certain black boots that you can wear throughout 2021, others that will be a trend during spring and, if we get ahead of autumn-winter, there will be more models to choose from to accompany your skynnies.

Everything is to follow to the letter the infallible style tricks to wear skinny jeans and take note of the boots that you will see below and that should not be missing in your closet in order to achieve timeless and versatile looks.

Ankle boots

The ankle boots combine practically with everything, so it is not surprising that they also go well with skinny jeans. Choose to look for models with chunky heels, so that they are more bearable to wear for longer hours or, with a square toe, for a look more in trend than the classic pointed toe. Having a pair of black or brown ankle boots will always be a success and you can make infinite combinations with them during any time of the year, but when you already have these, do not forget to include in your collection some in patent to surprise or in seasonal tones, such as the cakes for this spring.

Botas Chelsea

One of the models of boots to wear this spring are called Chelsea. We saw them on the catwalk thanks to Celine and now they can also be found at H&M in this chunky high-soled format. For tastes, colors. If you bet on the classic flat Chelsea, you will have in your wardrobe versatile footwear that will serve you not only to wear your skinny jeans, but many other garments, such as midi dresses. These are ideal for times of transition, such as now at halftime or early fall.

High low heel boots

Knee high boots are a powerful style, no matter what look you wear them. By using them, we automatically feel more powerful with them, our confidence skyrockets. A very stimulating fashion shoe that can make any outfit look much more daring, even minimalist skinny jeans. Try a style like this one worn by influencer Marianne Smyth for more timeless looks, with that smooth cut, square toe and mini heel, ideal to wear during winter or; Brown crocodile-textured ones for the classic fall look.

Cowboy boots

Princess Diana taught us how to wear cowboy boots and Isabel Marant has given us the keys to wear them all year long. According to their height, they will serve you for this spring season, as proposed by the French designer, or if they are a little taller for autumn-winter. Their colors and patterns may also give us clues as to which occasion they are best suited for, but it is true that with skynnies (skirts and shorts) they look phenomenal. Putting the pants inside them or, if they reach the ankles, with a cropped jean or with the hem folded.

Combat boots

If we are looking for a very winter-ready footwear, combat boots will be the answer. In recent seasons they have become the shoe par excellence of cold times and we have no doubt that it combines perfectly well with skinny jeans. We can find high-top models like these or the classic Dr. Martens medium height. To create looks with the most fashionable touch and that does not reduce your height, do not hesitate to combine these boots with dark, black or gray jeans to create a continuity between the pants and the shoes so that your legs look elongated.

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