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The 2021 Mexican Grand Prix of Formula 1 is at risk, the category analyzes canceling all races in America

More than a year after a pandemic Turn the world upside down, there are certain countries and activities that little by little resume their common rhythm. Unfortunately in other places we are months or even years away from seeing a situation similar to the one we were experiencing before March 2020. Formula 1 in it American continent By 2021 they are at risk of being canceled, both due to travel requirements and the terrible management of the pandemic that some countries have had such as Brazil and Mexico.

The doubts about the American appointments of 2021 begin with the Canadian Grand Prix which will take place between June 11 and 13, a week after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The problem with Canada is that its authorities ask for a 14 day quarantine to allow entry and free movement within its territory, so the entire F1 calendar would be delayed for at least one week.

Towards the end of the year and of the season there are three other appointments, the United States, Mexico and Brazil. Of these three, the United States seems to be making good progress in its vaccination, so there would not be as much risk of cancellation unless the Logistics dictate otherwise by having to travel to another continent just for a career, however, the health crisis that is lived in Mexico and Brazil derived from the bad strategies of handling of the pandemic already set off the alarms in F1 and the FIA ​​to return to avoid our continent, at least for another year.

It is known that Formula 1 is already making plans and negotiations in case it is necessary to cancel these appointments and if so we will know a couple of months before the events, because the logistics for the transfer of everything you need to play a Grand Prix. For now the Turkish Grand Prix, the exterior layout of the Bahrain International Circuit – known as the Sakhir GP – and some other dates in the Middle East could supplement the events of the American continent.

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The news The 2021 Mexican Grand Prix of Formula 1 is at risk, the category analyzes canceling all races in America was originally published in Motorpasión Mexico by Mau Juárez.

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