The 17-year-old Pambazo had a criminal record, they killed him in a shooting


The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJ-CDMX) has within the main lines of investigation in the murder of a minor that occurred in the Ahuizotla neighborhood, Naucalpan municipality, in which 15 police officers from the Mexico City; a crossfire between agents and the deceased, as well as the young man’s criminal record.

According to reports integrated in the Investigation File CI / FIAZ / AZ-2 / UI-1C-D / 00007 / 01-2021 initiated by intentional injuries by firing a firearm, qualified homicide and intentional homicide with a firearm.

17-year-old Carlos T, nicknamed “The Pambazo”, After hitting a metal pole on Aquiles Serdán Avenue in the Ángel Zimbrón neighborhood, it collided with a white Tsuru, which was driven by a reporter from a national media, who requested help from the preventive police, who carried out a persecution on different streets of the San Antonio, San Miguel Amantla colonies, at various times the defendant threatened the SSC agents with a firearm.

After several minutes they caught up with him in the State of Mexico on Ahuizotla Avenue, the Tsuru vehicle along with two police cars caught up with him on the streets of Gobernador Sánchez Colín on the corner of Gobernador Licenciado Isidro Fabela de la Colonia Ahuizotla, Naucalpan Estado de México requesting the support of more units.

When wanting to carry out the inspection, the subjects who came aboard the truck began to attack the police, leaving from different homes an approximate of 50 people who claimed to be relatives and acquaintances of Carlos T, who set fire to the Tsuru vehicle, who fired Against the police, they repelled the attack, where the minor was injured.

Therefore, the judicial authority performs an expert opinion on the cartridges struck to determine the calibers involved in the shooting, as well as the caliber of the weapon that killed Carlos T.

“El Pambazo” had a CIFJPA / AEJPA / UI / 1C / D / 00655 / 11-2020 investigation folder for the crime of trespassing committed in the town of San Andrés Totoltepec, mayor of Tlalpan.

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