The boy died. According to preliminary data, Cyril tried to take a selfie on the windowsill at that moment, and could not resist. At this time, the teenager is at home with his grandmother, but she was in the shower and did not see what was happening with her grandson. Later, his body was found near the house. Investigative measures are now underway.

By the way, Kirill Pingjoyan actively performed in the studio “Fidgets” and was one of the leading concerts of the popular group. In addition, the teenager hosted programs on various TV channels and acted in films. It is reported that he was going to become an actor.

It is noteworthy that three days ago the boy celebrated his 14th birthday. Such a record was left by the famous mother on social networks. “Kirill … Kirill … Kirill Alexandrovich … You came to me 14 years ago. Thanks. Be loved! Be happy! Be healthy! Be successful! And I’m always there. I believe in you! And I love immensely, ”wrote the mother.

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