If there is a group that leaves their personal touch in their cars it is FCA, now Stellantis. Your designers they play with the owner hiding Easter eggs in the most unexpected places. Of course, they have not forgotten the new generation of the icon of the conglomerate, the Fiat 500e. In this special we bring you together 10 ‘easter eggs’. Now that we cannot move from our community at Easter, maybe you can go to a dealer to discover them; in fact, you may find some more …

1. Skyline Turin

The acronym for FIAT, Italian Automobile Factory Turin, make clear the place where the Italian brand began its journey and to which, more than a century later, it is still linked: Turin. For the record, the Fiat 500 hides the skyline of the capital of the Piedmont region, with the Mole Antonelliana as a prominent building, in the storage space that serves to charge the mobile wirelessly.

2. Made in Torino

On the door panel you can find a ‘Made in Torino’ together with a 1957 Fiat 500. And this new generation, like the classic represented, is produced in the Mirafiori factory, located in Turin.

3. Back logo with hidden ‘e’

It does not happen in all logos with the number 500, but it does in some such as the one that is housed in the tailgate: the last zero hides an ‘e’. This makes clear the nature of the vehicle: it is a 100% electric car.

TEST: Fiat 500e Cabrio

4. Grill similar to that of the classic model

The most characteristic part of the Nuova 500 was its unmistakable front: small, collected. The Italian company wanted to pay tribute to him in the 500e with a nose inspired by the 1957 model. It maintains its design, but unlike the classic, the Fiat logo has been replaced by the number 500.

5. La Prima upholstery and hood with FIAT monogram

The most exclusive, and also expensive, version of the 500 is equipped with a very rich standard equipment; many of those items are exclusive to this limited version. These include the upholstery with the embossed and embroidered Fiat monogram.

The soft top of the convertible version also adopts the name of the Italian manufacturer to give it a more exclusive touch.

TEST: Fiat 500e 2020 La Prima

6. The logo also on the pilot

You have to pay attention and look closely to see the number 500 that the mark has hidden in the pilots. It is small but it can be perfectly appreciated that, in this case, it does not incorporate the ‘e’

7. Two-spoke steering wheel like 1957

Many manufacturers are choosing to design two-spoke steering wheels, but none are doing it to pay homage to their ancestor. The new 500 does have a car to draw on.

8. Flashing

Another tribute to Fifth, on this occasion, by means of the indicators. As you can see in the image, the LED of the new 500 simulates the filaments of a light bulb. And is that in the original model, the position indicator was also housed on the side of the body.

9. Logo 500 hidden in the dashboard

You have to have a good sense of smell, or rather, a good sense of sight to locate it, but on the dashboard, behind the screen of the infotainment system, there is the upper half of the number 500, although from the driver’s position and with the reflection of the trim creates the complete expression.

10. Sound when accelerating

And here comes the hoot of this car and maybe the Easter egg coolest. Electric cars have to make a sound when they roll at low speed, from 0 to 20 km / h, to alert pedestrians of their presence. Well, the 500e engineers have not installed just any sound, they have chosen the song that Nino Rota created for the film Amarcord, by Federico Fellini. More Italian, impossible. Sensational!

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Photos: Jaime Sainz de la Maza and manufacturer

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