“Thank you, Mr. Mencho”: girls and boys thank the delivery of sweets from the CJNG

Girls and boys thank El Mencho for sweets at Christmas (Video: Twitter / @ Jabon83171034)

On the afternoon of this Sunday, December 27, a video began to circulate on social networks in which girls and boys Of the municipality of Garcia Barragan, Jalisco, thanked the delivery of sweets and toys by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) on Christmas Eve.

The criminal organization commanded by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias El MenchoIt is considered one of the most dangerous drug cartels in Mexico due to its presence in almost the entire republic, its capacity for fire and its methods of exercising violence; However, the minors appear in the picture lifting the objects delivered by the alleged members of the CJNG in the air.

In the clip it is possible to see around 40 minors accompanied by their parents, on a dirt road, in the middle of the town where it is possible to see a small church and some palm trees that frame the road. During the recording, at the count of three, the children shout “Thank you, Mr. Mencho!”.

Children thank Mencho (Photo: archive)
Children thank Mencho (Photo: archive)

So far, neither the authorities nor the CJNG have assured the authorship of the video or whether the merchandise delivered to the minors is of illicit origin, as well as the existence of some kind of coercion to make the recording.

Regarding the cartel, it is known that El Mencho is one of the priority objectives of the Administration for Drug Control (give, for its acronym in English); However, his whereabouts are unknown. Among the main threats that this organization represents are the multiple armed groups it has, such as the so-called Delta Group, which is allegedly related to the murder of the former governor of Jalisco Aristóteles Sandoval.

The first time the government recognized the group’s existence was on September 29, 2018, when Marisela Gómez Cobos, head of the Jalisco Attorney General’s Office, announced that four of its members had been captured, in an operation that required the deployment of about 80 soldiers.

After that operation and for more than 20 months, this criminal cell continued to deploy its violence in the Jalisco metropolitan area without any known blows against its leaders, until June 21, 2020 with the apprehension of the “Delta 1”.

CJNG attacks reporters accompanying Michoacán self-defense groups

During the arrest, which occurred in the Jardines del Country neighborhood in Guadalajara, two long rifle-type weapons, a short weapon, two chargers, 16 cartridges, seven cell phones, cash, two vehicles, various electronic objects and hydrochloride of cocaine.

He Grupo Delta has been linked to high-power crimes such as the attack on the former Jalisco prosecutor, Luis Carlos Nájera Gutiérrez de Velasco and the murder of Guanajuato businessman Felipe Tomé, who was murdered three weeks ago in Puerto Vallarta.

In addition to this, the presence of the CJNG and its coercive methods are scattered throughout several states of the republic, such is the case of the documented confrontation in Michoacán, when members of the Bocanada self-defense groups were ambushed by the cartel.

There is a record of this because there were some journalists who were doing investigative work in the town and agreed to an appointment with the self-defense groups; However, the cartel’s irruption stopped the interviews and they recorded how they repelled enemy fire. In the captured images, inside an armored vehicle it is shown how members of the self-defense groups begin to be attacked by alleged members of the Mencho cartel. Likewise, it is seen how one of the projectiles hit in the truck violated the metal sheet of the transport and entered the place where they were filming.


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