Do you like beautiful curls, but save your hair from the effects of hot stylers, curls and irons? We decided to test the installation method without additional electrical appliances.

The girls came up with a huge number of options for replacing the curling iron, which, of course, gives an excellent result, but styling it takes a lot of time and can damage your hair if you do not follow the necessary rules. For example, the most common way to curl your hair gently is to braid your damp hair in pigtails overnight.

Another life hack that surprised girls all over the world is creating a hairstyle using a bottle and a hairdryer.

And in this video blogger Polina Mikryukova is testing a life hack with a scarf:

  1. We wash the head and comb the hair with a comb or a comb with rare teeth.

  2. We take any scarf, the length of which is enough for double the length of your hair.

  3. We divide the hair into strands and wrap each strand around the headscarf.

  4. We fix the first side with rubber bands.

  5. We do the same with the second side and also fix it with an elastic band.

  6. We put on a scarf and fix the structure on top with a light cap (an option for the brave and resourceful is ordinary tights). We leave it overnight.

  7. In the morning we take off the hat, kerchief, carefully remove the scarf. Comb with your hands to add volume to your hair.

Hairstyle ready!

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