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Testing a drone that seamlessly follows people and cars from the air using 3D visual recognition of the environment

By @Alvy – April 5, 2021

In this test video of the little drone Skydio 2 shows how your visual recognition system works to record 4K video at 60fps to people or cars from a distance. Just start it, start flying and select from which position you want to record (behind, left, right …) The drone “chases” the target at a safe distance like a faithful dog without any problem. Fully in autonomous mode.

This function that today seems relatively common is somewhat different in the Skydio from that of other drones, which use magnetic compasses and other systems to orient themselves and that in certain harsh environments as those of these tests fail. The demonstration shows a runner playing dodge through a dense forest and a car near a bridge; In both cases, the drone is unharmed and it does not collide with branches, cables, and interference from large metal structures does not seem to affect it. They say it’s because the Skydio carries seven small video cameras with which it recognizes the terrain, makes a kind of 3D map of the environment and dodges all kinds of obstacles. So you don’t need the compass at all.

Testing is fun although they have some momentos bluff as it happens in this type of demonstration: neither the young woman makes a supreme effort to flee from the drone running for her life like a horror movie, nor does the car go at full speed on a complicated road … basically they move little and move close. But it is true that it has merit not to stamp itself with the branches of the forest and sneak through the right place when the car goes under the bridge, although a more complete test would be appreciated. Apart from that, it helps to get an idea of ​​the quality of the video and the montage is nice.

Separate exhibits, the test is entertaining and if you are thinking of buying a gossip of this you can see how it works. Its price is about $ 1,000 (with a lot of extras aside), which to this day I no longer know if it is a lot or a little compared to other similar ones, because I have not followed that field much, but there it is for those who are interested.

What bonus We’ll give the Warped Perception channel host a +1 for his futuristic Doc Brown glasses at Return to the futureAlso because of how cool his Supra is and how well it spins.


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