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Terror in Monte Chingolo: a 15-year-old motochorro robbed a family in front of their little son

A boy was left in the middle of an assault in Monte Chingolo

Francesco, a two-year-old boy, walked yesterday accompanied by his mother, his grandmother and his aunt on Calle Bolaños at 3500 in the Buenos Aires town of Monte Chingolo. It was 2:11 pm and everything seemed to be proceeding normally. However, in seconds the afternoon took a dramatic turn and the boy almost without realizing it was left as a witness to a horror scene: three motochorros accosted the four of them and violently beat their mother and grandmother, and then flee without taking practically anything to the town of La Fe.

Sequence it was registered by a private security camera. In the video you see how three criminals surprise the family from behind. The first reaction of the baby’s mother and grandmother is to run. The aunt, on the other hand, retraces her steps while Francesco remains immobile and watches attentively as two of his relatives try to defend themselves from the violent beating.

As confirmed by official sources InfobaeShortly after the fact and after the 911 notice, the local police managed to find one of the thieves. Is about a child under 15 years old identified as JDD, who according to what they could establish was the person driving the blue Honda motorcycle seen in the video, a vehicle that would be found abandoned a few blocks away.

The sources close to the case consulted by this means They indicated that the contribution of one of the victims was important to find the suspect, who identified the motorcycle found and contributed the video. It was then that the troops carried out an operation in the area and finally – in Cotagayta and Ayacucho streets in the same town – they found the minor. As he knew Infobae, the thief he was still wearing the same clothes used during the assault.

Being a 15-year-old teenager, the UFI for minors No. 7 of the Lomas de Zamora Judicial Department intervened that after notifying the offender decided to release it and hand it over to their parents. The file was qualified as robbery in town and gang. Of the other two suspects no news yet.

The minor after being arrested
The minor after being arrested

“In a second the whole neighborhood came out for the screams that we were hitting. Thanks to them, who chased them, we learned where they were from”, Assured Micaela, Francesco’s mother. “We realized that they were going to hurt us. Thank God I left the child alone if not something was going to happen to him ”, said the woman.

As a result, the criticism did not take long to arrive through social networks. “I didn’t do it intentionally. I think that if I had stayed with him, they would all have come against us”, She said anguished.

It seems very unfair all because nobody puts themselves in our shoes, nobody knows how they will react in such a situation. The three of us were left with a blank mind, “he said. “It makes me angry that they talk and say that I am a bad mother, when nobody can do it because they don’t know me. I am 24 hours with my son, I work every day to feed him and a home. No one can say that I’m a bad mother”Micaela insisted.

“Why don’t you put yourself in my place? Nobody talked about what really happened “, he pointed. “They put the lock on my mother, she fell to the floor and they hit her head against a fence. They didn’t tell us anything, they attacked us directly. They robbed me a year ago in this area, “he said. As for Francesco, the woman assured that he is okay. “Right after what happened, the father took him away and he was able to distract him and now he’s perfect,” he said.

Criticisms of the Lanús government

As of the release of the, Lanús Security Secretary, Diego Kravetz critical to the prosecutor of the case for the quick release of the minor offender. “At the moment of the event, the person who was driving the motorcycle was arrested by police personnel from the Municipality, he was a minor under 15 years of age who was immediately taken to the police station. A short time later the juvenile prosecutor notified him of the theft and released him. In this way we show that the system is wrong and that it helps the criminals and not their victims. In less than the time it took to get to the police station, the offender had been released, “said the official.

“This criminal He was going through Chingolo with two other accomplices and they separated near Gerli, after violently robbing the ladies that are seen in the video, and that they were with a two-year-old boy. A call to 911 allowed us to identify the motorcycle and find it, ”added the secretary.

“However, he is back at home. Not with domiciliary, not with custody: Justice decided with astonishing speed that he can walk free, like any other. Just in case: he had just conducted at least one assault. Until when? ”, He concluded.

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