Tennessee US: Search for explosion in Nashville

After the explosion of a mobile home in Nashville, Tennessee, the investigation is progressing: the police searched a house. Hundreds of clues came from the population.

Investigations are ongoing after the violent explosion of a motor home in Nashville, Tennessee. According to the Federal Police FBI, police officers searched a house in a suburb in the southeast of the city. A police spokesman did not want to comment on media reports that a 63-year-old who owns a motorhome of the affected model is being sought in connection with the investigation.

An FBI investigator said at a press conference that he was “fairly confident” that the authorities would find the background to the incident and the culprit: “We just need time.” According to the FBI, 250 officers are on duty.

Three injured, considerable damage to property

In the center of Nashville, a mobile home exploded early Friday morning, from which loudspeaker announcements had been made to evacuate. Because of the warnings, the area could be evacuated in time, only three people were slightly injured. The force of the explosion was enormous and dozens of houses were badly damaged.

The local police and the federal FBI police assume a “deliberate act”. A possible motive is not yet known. It was unclear whether anyone was in the mobile home, but possible human remains had been found, it said. The FBI spoke of a “huge crime scene”. As a result of the detonation, evidence had been spread over several blocks.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, more than 500 reports of the incident have already been received from the population.

Ban on going out in the affected district

Nashville Mayor John Cooper spoke of an attack “intended to create chaos and fear in this time of year of peace and hope”. He imposed a ban on going out until Sunday in the tourist area with pubs, restaurants and shops in which the mobile home had exploded.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee urged outgoing US President Donald Trump to declare a state of emergency in order to quickly free up federal funds.

With almost 700,000 inhabitants, Nashville is the capital of the state of Tennessee in the southern United States. Because of its many live music bars and record labels, it is considered the center of country music and is therefore also called “Music City”.

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