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Ten tricks to make your life a little better

These last twelve months have made us aware of all the good things that our life had and that sometimes we weren’t able to see. Suddenly, it seems like the blueprint of the century to sit on a terrace to have tea, chat for an hour with your best friend or watch your favorite series on your wonderful sofa that you never paid attention to. You finally looked your neighbors in the eye, you even became intimate with one of them through the balcony. Now more than ever, you are aware every day of everything we can do to have more well-being. The bad news is that we quickly forgot. To record good habits in our brains, we have talked to Laura Palomares, psychologist and director of Avance Psicólogos ( and with Carla Sanchez, wellness expert and co-founder of The Holistic Concept platform to remind us that well-being does not have to do with great achievements whose path sometimes does not generate more than frustration, but with those small issues from which our day to day is built.

Repeat: yes, yes!

Affirmative words they strengthen our inner thoughts. “They allow everything that goes through the mind to manifest in a tangible way, and doing so positively is a mental re-programming technique that helps control negativity, fear and insecurity“explains Carla Sánchez. The word not only generates an attitude in you, but also in the people you live with every day, impacting their emotions. Avoid expressions like “I can’t”, “I shouldn’t”, “I have to …” or “I need to …”, and change them to “I do” and “I can”.

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Set limits

Deny what you don’t feel like doing, Although it sounds like a paradox, it is the best way to take care of your relationships when necessary. “Express your feelings and genuine desires in an educated way is fundamental learning to promote our self-esteem and be happier with others“, Laura Palomares comments. And incidentally, you will scare away the people who want to dominate you or always get away with it.

Keep the news at bay

Being (well) informed is essential, but flee from overexposure to the present. Establish and control yourself when and how much you want to be connected to everything that happens every minute. If possible, choose a time slot in the first half of the day, for example, during breakfast. Unless there is a world cataclysm, you can know perfectly well 24 hours later. And even in that case, you would find out instantly

Smile as soon as you remember

Because when you do it, even if you are alone and have to force it, “the hundreds of facial muscles that you activate encourage your brain secrete hormones and neurotransmitters that improve your mood“, says the psychologist Laura Palomares.

Accept … and flow

This year you may have lost a loved one, a job, or closeness to the people you care about. “Maybe you’ve canceled a trip … or even your wedding! It’s okay to feel bad, sad and angry,” says Carla Sánchez. Don’t judge yourself. Everything will be repositioned in due course. Meanwhile, enjoy what you have at your fingertips like your walks, you meditation, your phone conversations with your friends or the pleasure of cooking that quiche lorraine that you like so much and with which you have never dared.

Eat kites!

Because they contain tryptophan, an activator of serotonin, the so-called “hormone of happiness”. Sesame seeds will also help you, which you can add to your yogurts or your tuna tatakis. “It is also contained in eggs, dairy, turkey and chicken,” adds Laura Palomares.

Shift focus and open your eyes

Have you tried give the thanks every day for what you have instead of focusing on what you lack? Think of your warm bed, the book that has you engrossed on your bedside table, dozens of people on the other side of WhatsApp to talk to whenever you feel like it or see the sun rise every morning. “Negative thoughts are like a magnet for the mind,” says Carla Sánchez. Several studies indicate that express gratitude strengthen personal relationships and your bond with yourself. A trick? Make a list of the people you love the most and choose at least two things that you would thank them for. Call them and share it with them.

Divide the space at home

If you telecommute, “set aside an area that is exclusive for this activity,” recommends Laura Palomares. Surely, out of sheer boredom, you end up many times finishing your Excel on the couch at a thousand o’clock, even in bed, and eating at your makeshift office table. Set Germanic work schedules and set them aside from your free time and leisure. By the way, both are not synonymous. The free time it is there to do nothing. The leisureInstead, it’s what you decide to do with your free time.

Listen to music daily

Even if it is only for a while, during the shower, or if you take 15 minutes of break a day in your workday, or while you put a washing machine. And if while you can to dance, better! “Because this activity connects you with your body and it involves a mental exercise similar to meditation “, recommends expert Laura Palomares.

Invest in green

Connect with the nature, somehow, every day. When you go outside, look at the leaves of the trees and touch their trunks. Think that they are there, every year, punctual, apart from the vicissitudes of the world, because they are faithful to that flow of life to which you also belong. Take care of some plant at home, feel each new flower, each leaf growing and being born. Grow something, even a lentil, in a jar of yogurt. All this makes you aware that you belong to a universal system almost perfect.

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