Tefi Valenzuela reported that he has not forgiven Eleazar Gómez and has not received money from him. The clarification was made after she was criticized on social networks because the actor is free again, after five months in prison for the physical attacks on the model.

Tefi Valenzuela took the time to put together a great explanation about what happened with his ex-partner Eleazar Gómez.“I don’t know when I went from being the victim to being the culprit”, The Peruvian began with a blackboard in the background, in the video she posted on her YouTube channel. And is that after the actor’s release from jail hundreds of people are lashing out at her for the fact.

“What options did I have?”

Faced with these recriminations, Valenzuela explained in detail everything that happened since last November 4, when Gómez hit, bit and tried hang. And why he accepted the conditional suspension agreement that freed the artist from the prison where he spent five months deprived of his liberty.

For an interview with the Ventaneando program, the singer also said: “I was afraid of losing my life to him. With the evidence, he was placed in preventive detention and was linked to a crime of equal family violence ”, Valenzuela recounted for the medium.

After several months in prison, Eleazar pleaded guilty in an abbreviated procedure. Tefi told how she was shocked to learn that at the April 25 hearing, in which they would review the precautionary measures, they gave her the right to conditional suspension. Appeal in which he could take refuge for being the first offender and not having any other criminal record.

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“I have protection for myself, my witnesses and family

Therefore the model explained that there was no other way out for her.“What options did I have?”, he continued saying while explaining the four alternatives. First: follow normal judgment, which stopped making sense when he pleaded guilty. Second: ask sorry, which gives you the opportunity to go free without conditions. Third: the abbreviated procedure, which was his wish, and gave him freedom by paying the bail. Finally: the conditional suspension, which is approved only once, which his attorney accepted.

“I could have asked for three million if I felt like it and I didn’t. Why? Because with this he did not guarantee that if he attacked another woman tomorrow or later he would go to jail, nor did he handle a criminal record. My crime was considered minor injuries, he does not reach a sentence greater than five years for which he has the right to take his sentence out of jail ”, the singer sentenced.

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After what was said, Tefi argued that: “The law seeks through the conditional suspension to give the victim justice in the shortest time. Why would this be the best option? First, because he is not free, he has three years of probation, he has to sign every three months and if he assaults another woman or does something to me, he goes directly to jail“, detailed.

However, Valenzuela said that not because Eleazar is free she is unprotected.“I have protection for myself, my witnesses and relatives because I need it, and he also has to go to therapy”, assured.

Finally, when Gómez was released, the Peruvian native commented that she was satisfied with the judge’s ruling. But when Eleazar posted the public apology, Valenzuela uploaded a story to his Instagram account with a message referring to the fact. “Good morning, here trying to be positive and avoiding vomiting from the disgust that the laws and people’s ignorance give me. God, give me patience”Valenzuela wrote.

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