Teenager pronounced dead and wakes up before organ donation surgery

Family wanted to donate their organs
Teenager pronounced dead and wakes up shortly before organ donation surgery

Surgical instruments lie on a tray.

Surgical instruments are ready on a tray – organs should be removed from an 18-year-old because he was declared dead (symbolic image).

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After an accident, an 18-year-old suffered a serious head injury and was pronounced dead. Just before his organs were to be removed, the teenager suddenly woke up.

This article first appeared at this point on RTL.de.

Lewis Roberts of Leek, Staffordshire, was hit by a truck on March 13 and suffered serious injuries. Four days later, the 18-year-old was pronounced brain dead in the hospital and his family wanted to say goodbye and donate his organs. But then the unbelievable happened: shortly before the operation, during which organs were to be removed, Lewis woke up again!

His sister Jade Roberts, 28, told the British newspaper dailymail: “After numerous tests, the hospital told us that Lewis had given up the fight and suffered brainstem death. We should say goodbye for good.” Lewis’ death was even reported to the coroner. The family has already agreed that his organs will be donated to improve the lives of seven other people.

Declared dead after severe head injury

More than £ 2,000 has already been raised for Lewis through an online fundraiser. Organizer Chloe Roberts said: “On March 13, Lewis suffered catastrophic head injuries when he was hit by a van in his hometown of Leek and flown to the hospital for emergency surgery. Four days later, doctors brought news to our family that nothing more could be done because unfortunately he suffered a brain death and died. ”

But shortly before the life support machines are turned off, Lewis suddenly begins to breathe again!

Lewis is making progress

“A miracle any family could wish for after being told Lewis has no chance of getting through,” said Roberts. Lewis is also a great miracle for the hospital staff. “The doctors can’t believe it, they’ve never seen anything like it before,” continues Roberts.

Lewis has been making progress since then. He can move his limbs independently and also turn his head from side to side. He can also blink his eyes and move his mouth. “Every day this boy is getting stronger. The money currently being donated will be for Lewis when he gets home and back on his feet.”

Health Minister Jens Spahn in the Bundestag

The Staffordshire Police have started the investigation and are still looking for clues as to exactly how this accident came about.


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