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Ted Cruz: Texas in snow chaos and Senator is on vacation – another Republican flees in a private jet

While dramatic scenes were taking place in the snow chaos in Texas, Senator Ted Cruz went on vacation. Another party colleague also fled – in a private jet.

Update from February 21, 3:40 p.m .: Apparently Ted Cruz isn’t the only Republican to come up with weird ideas during the Texas plight. Another senior politician left the state to go to Florida. Republican judge Gary Gates is said to have flown to Orlando in sunny state with a private jet. That reports Daily Beast. When this became known, the Republican responded with an interview on a local radio station. “My wife is currently recovering from an illness that she has been struggling with for two weeks. The room of my adult, disabled daughter, who still lives with us, was also flooded, ”Gates said in explanation.

The judge left the state on Wednesday, the same day Senator Cruz boarded the plane. He had to come to a place with “reliable power supply, reliable Internet and reliable telephone service” in order to be able to continue working. “So many of the voters were in the same situation and had no chance to catch a flight and leave town,” said Cynthia Ginyard, chairwoman of the Fort Bend County Democrats, local broadcaster KPRC 2. , You cannot raise the temperature. No, you can’t bring the water back. But you can be there. “On Friday Gates returned to Texas.

Devastating winter break in Texas – Ted Cruz makes a momentous decision as a Senator

Update from February 21, 1:30 p.m .: First there was outrage on Twitter – meanwhile Ted Cruz has to fight a tangible scandal. And all because the Texas Senator made a very bad decision. While his state was sinking into winter chaos, the Republican traveled to Mexico with his family on a plane. Despite the fact that he flew back the next day, apparently to smooth things over, the anger at his decision is huge. Because the US southern state doesn’t just have to deal with a lot of snow. The effects of Winter Storm Uri are dramatic. Millions of households without electricity or running water and that with drastic winter temperatures. As a result, among other things, an eleven-year-old died – apparently of hypothermia, after the power went out in the family’s caravan, like that Washington Post reported.

Cruz attempted to justify himself by referring to “his fatherly duties” (see first report), did not go down well either. At the latest after the New York Times one leaked Chat verified by the senator’s wife complaining about how cold it was in the house – and that the family was planning to travel. The Republican had previously tried to defend himself by claiming that he only wanted to accompany his daughters to Mexico. The chat history implies something else.

Senator Ted Cruz gets shit storm after vacation trip – AOC travels to Texas

That the Senator was well aware of the catastrophic effects of the winter weather, he proved on Monday when he called on citizens in a radio interview to behave in a prudent manner, such as writes. “So don’t risk anything. Keep your family safe and just stay home and hug your kids. “However, he did not listen to his own advice. Other politicians, however, showed a completely different reaction to the events and showed solidarity with the people of the state. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), in the House of Representatives for New York and hopeful of the Young Democratic Party, made a special trip to Texas to help with the grocery distribution in Houston.

Now the famous late-night series “Saturday Night Live” also targeted Cruz. Comedian Aidy Bryant gave the Ted Cruz and was dressed like she’d just returned from a tropical spot. T-shirt, unbuttoned shirt, cocktail in hand, pearls in long hair – and a large suitcase. “Hola, everyone,” said the Cruz imitation. “I’m not brown. I just cried myself red for my Texans inside. “And added with a laugh:” The whole trip was the idea of ​​the girls. “

Winter chaos in Texas: Dramatic conditions in the US state – Ted Cruz goes on vacation

First report from February 19, 11.40 a.m .: Cancún / Mexico – When the home state sinks into snow chaos, this is not the best time for top politicians to take a short vacation. The senior Republican, Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, must have learned that painfully. After a private trip to the Mexican Caribbean coast, he is currently being sharply criticized. Ted Cruz is a militant politician, even in the ranks of the Republican Party. Many Democrats in the United States hate him, a loyal supporter of Donald Trump – against whom an intrigue was apparently planned, as Steve Bannon recently revealed.

So it is not surprising that Cruz’s latest action is bad for his image. And users of social media pounce on it. His state of Texas sank into the winter chaos, millions of people were without electricity, some without water, people died – and Cruz traveled to Mexico with his family on Wednesday. First of all, he said in a statement that he had planned to return directly the next day. However, later admitted that I wanted to spend the weekend with the daughters and keep up to date via remote control. However, it became clear to him: “I had to be here and that’s why I came back.”

Ted Cruz confronted with harsh accusations – Twitter users: inside tear up his private trip

Images previously appeared on social media apparently showing Ted Cruz with his family at the airport and on the plane to Cancun, a popular seaside resort. Critics then wanted to know: How can it be that a senator goes on a private trip while the people of his state are in need? Now Cruz has commented on the allegations and apologized. But even his apology seemed bizarre and was massively attacked on Twitter. Because the Republican defended himself by saying that he wanted to be “a good father” and that he only followed his “fatherly duties”. The attempt to talk himself out of it with his daughters, who wanted to go on a trip with friends, only fired the critics on.

A columnist for New York Times then tweeted sarcastically: “One day two therapists will: Look the Cruz girls in the eyes and tell them: Seriously, that was not your fault.” Screenwriter Danny Zuker („Modern Family“) commented, “I feel like I owe Ted Cruz an apology. When he after (Hurricane) Sandy voted against sending aid to my home state of New Jersey, I accused him of only looking after Texas. I was obviously wrong. “

Twitter users can’t believe that Ted Cruz is flying to Mexico in winter chaos – one detail is particularly outrageous

In a video in which Ted Cruz defends his decision, he also states that his family was also without water and heating. In the background of his speech you can hear people screaming “stand back”. The corresponding video on Twitter You will find here. For a journalist from New York IntelligenceThis was the reason to stop by the family residence and have a look. A photo was taken that fueled the mood against Cruz even more. To see in the apparently dark house of the Cruz: The dog Snowflake. “Tell me that you really didn’t leave this dog at home alone,” reads one comment. The fact that the senator apparently left his dog behind to be on the beach in Mexico, alongside the Texans himself, was apparently too much of a bad thing. To make one thing clear, however: the dog was not alone, but employees took care of the four-legged friend.

Representatives of the Democratic Party in Texas even called for his resignation in a tweet. Cruz is currently being traded as a possible candidate for the Grand Old Party for the 2024 presidential election. His tenure as Senator for the State of Texas will end regularly in 2025. The arch-conservative Republican has ambitions – but his trip to Mexico may have cost him more points of sympathy. (aka)

Acquitted, but still on the way to jail? A senior Republican thinks that is possible in the case of Donald Trump.

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