Children from Basta’s team were the first to show their numbers. All the guys were very worried, but in the end they were able to perform well. And if they managed to cope with the excitement on the stage, then not everyone could hold back tears after the elimination.

So, Anna Yurkevich, who performed in the first three, burst into tears immediately after she heard that Basta had not chosen her. The girl confessed to Dmitry Nagiyev that she did not want to part with the project and other guys, because she managed to make friends with them.

The most sensual act, according to the mentors and spectators, was the performance of Kira Gogoladze, Gabriel Alexandrov and Diana Vakhiba with the song “Oh, by the cherry orchard.” The guys sang a cappella and were able to fully show the beauty of their voices. However, only Kira managed to pass to the next stage.

The retired artists on the stage were calm, but burst into tears behind the scenes. “I feel sad because I broke up with Kira and Gabriel. And I will miss Russia very much, ”shared her emotions Diana, who came to the competition from sunny Turkey.

As a result, Polina Danilchenko, Kira Gogoladze, Maria Politikova, Timofey Zavalinich and Vasilisa Suyunova made it to the next stage. But the tests of the guys did not end there. They still had to perform “Song to Fly.”

All the participants did an excellent job with the task, but they made it to the finals of the program “Voice. Children ”on Channel One, only two of Basta’s team were able to: Kira Gogoladze and Maria Politikova. The girls showed perfect vocal skills and a wide range.

In the next issues, guys from the teams of Svetlana Loboda and Yegor Creed will present their numbers. And after that the audience will hear the songs of the finalists.

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