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Teaching Netflix Movies to Spend a Relaxed Sunday with the Whole Family

Sundays are the days of relaxation, in which we mostly stay at home to enjoy with our loved ones. That is why we have prepared for you, a series of Netflix movies perfect to watch with the whole family.

They are tapes that have an important lesson, as well as values ​​values ​​and this makes them ideal to share with children.

Prepare your popcorn and turn on the TV to do an exquisite marathon.

Netflix movies to watch as a family with your children

Full out and Netflix

This tape continues the story Ariana Berlin. She is an Olympic gymnast who suffers a serious accident that prevents her from continuing with her career. It is then that he decides to enter the world of hip-hop and sports that serves as a salvation to move forward.

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The boy who tamed the wind

Based on the novel ‘The boy who tamed the wind’, it narrates the life of un 13-year-old boy who managed to build a wind turbine to save his people in Malawi from famine. It is based on real events and can teach children many values.

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Matilda and Netflix

A charming and eloquent girl He has magical powers with which he helps his teacher when she needs it most. It is a film with great lessons and draws the attention of the whole family.

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Hotel Transilvania

This movie available on Netflix shows us Dracula, who owns Hotel Transylvania. He turns out to be an overprotective father when he realizes that his daughter is growing up. All parents will feel identified and our children will understand us a little more.

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Billy Elliot

It is a film with great values ​​and perfect if you want to teach your children to be honest with themselvesAs well as that each one can be what they want, regardless of whether others insist on saying otherwise.

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