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Teacher, two children – mother took worming against Corona – dead

Florida (USA) – They don’t want to be guinea pigs for something that is safe – but make themselves guinea pigs for something that is life-threatening.

With corona deniers, aluminum hats and other oathers, one agent is currently very popular that is supposed to help against Covid-19 in their crazy world of thoughts: ivermectin. Not a vaccination, no, this drug (yes, it really is one), which is administered to animals, especially horses, that are infected by worms, is supposed to help against corona. A classic wormer treatment that frees our four-legged friends from parasites in the intestines.

Doctors and the RKI warn against it – but there are thousands who believe it anyway. In Austria, FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl (53) recommended it as a tried and tested means. The right winger has now contracted Corona himself – it will be interesting to see whether he will follow his recommendation.

Ivermectin is also very popular in the USA. The mother of two and teacher Tamara Drock (47) from Loxahatchee, Florida, also believed in it. What’s more, her husband sued the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, where his wife was on the ventilator so that they could give her the worming agent, reports “The Palm Beach Post“.

He lost the lawsuit (not really surprising) – but he still holds on to the fact that his wife would be still alive if she’d been given enough ivermectin. The judge did not want to contradict the doctors in their assessment of the situation, but asked that the hospital and husband come to an out-of-court settlement.

And Tamara Drock actually got a dose from one of the hospital doctors. In the family lawyer’s opinion, this is not enough. “We don’t know if ivermectin would have saved her life, but it could have been,” says lawyer Jake Huxtable.

The fact is: Tamara Drock had to use a ventilator in September after she had been in hospital for a month. She died last Friday, leaving behind her husband and two children, 14-year-old daughter Emily and 12-year-old son Parker.

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