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Teacher murdered – London weeps again for a young woman

Almost half a year has passed since the murder of Sarah Everard († 33) traumatized London and Great Britain. The wounds have not yet healed when a new violent crime against a young woman shakes the country: the murder of the teacher Sabina Nessa († 28), who taught a first class in London.

The terrible act was committed on September 18 – and has sad parallels to the Sarah Everard case. Nessa had disappeared the short way from her home to a pub in Kidbrooke. Her body was found a day later in a park – the perpetrator had covered it with leaves, according to British media.

The alleged perpetrator was arrested in the seaside town of Eastbourne over the weekend. He is urgently suspect. As Scotland Yard announced, a 36-year-old has already been charged with murder.

Two other men who had previously been arrested on suspicion of murder are now at large.

The murder of Sabina Nessa has sparked renewed calls to do more for the safety of women. Sarah Everard was kidnapped, raped and finally murdered in London in March. A police officer confessed to the fact that the verdict will be announced in the coming days.

The case had led to weeks of protests and vigils, and the royal family also expressed their condolences. Duchess Kate laid flowers at the place where Sarah Everard’s body was found. Her letter to the bereaved touched the whole country.

The Daily Mirror quoted an insider: “Kate’s letter was deeply personal and heartfelt. She wrote that she knew that words couldn’t change what happened. “Kate still wanted to let the relatives know that her mind was with the family and Sarah.

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