Teacher couple sunk in Etsch (South Tyrol) – son confesses to murder of father and mother – news abroad

Bolzano (Italy) – The father is missing, the mother found dead. Now the bloody deed in Bolzano seems to have been resolved: the son has confessed. Benno (30) killed his parents!

The body of 68-year-old mother Laura was found in early February during a major search operation in the river Etsch near Neumarkt. We are still looking for her husband Peter (63).

The son arrested weeks ago admitted his responsibility under interrogation, reported the Italian news agency Ansa, citing the prosecutors.

Laura P. (68) and her husband Peter N. (63)

Laura P. (68) and her husband Peter N. (63) Photo: Private


On January 4th, the Munich doctor Madé N. (26) tried to call her parents who own a house in Bolzano. But she does not reach her mother or father. Both cell phones are switched off the next morning.

Madé N. asks her brother Benno (30) to look after the parents – but he doesn’t seem to be as worried as she is. Later, Madé N. tells relatives that she almost had to force her brother to report missing persons!

The son from Bolzano was targeted by investigators early on. He contradicted his testimony and was finally arrested on January 28th. The charge: double deliberate killing and hiding of the corpses.

To find the corpses, training dummies (1.80 m tall, 40 kg) were even dropped into the water. Fireman Reggiani said at the time: “We tried to find out in which direction the object is moving in the river.”

So far, there has only been evidence against the 30-year-old: the traces of blood on the bridge railing in the Volvo. 40 minutes in which the bodybuilder has no alibi. Dirty clothes that his girlfriend washed for him on the evening of the crime.

According to a relative, there were always arguments in the family because Benno had dropped out of his studies – and the father asked for the tuition fees back. Benno has developed into a fitness freak, swallowed anabolic steroids, reports a friend. That often made him really aggressive and he really freaked out.

According to the reports, a psychiatric report will be commissioned to clarify the mental state of the accused. That could take a few months, it said.

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