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Teach your niece that she doesn’t need someone else’s approval to "be beautiful"

Being an aunt is undoubtedly one of the pleasures greatest in life. Your nephews become your accomplices in life, whom you can guide with your wisdom while making them aware.

Especially having a niece to guide becomes a very important task. that you must assume with responsibility.

Maybe she doesn’t live with you, maybe you see her from time to time but what is a fact is that she sees in you that strong and intelligent woman whom she will want to follow. It is then that you understand that you have the possibility to teach him everything you have learned, so that he grows up believing that he can fight against everything.

Teach your niece to break the mold.

Women have always lived under too much pressure on how we should be, look and act. Society has been very good at tying our wings, to make us believe that we are not enough if we do not meet their expectations. It prohibits us from showing vulnerability and at the same time, they do not allow us to show ourselves stronger.

It is almost certain that you have grown up with the idea that girls should be delicate and demure otherwise you will only scare (Because of course, how are you going to find that prince charming who will rescue you if you don’t let yourself?).

Now that you have your niece by your side, It is time to teach him to break out of those old ways.

It is okay to dream of princesses and fairy tales but as we grow older, we are changing our ideals and with it the way we see the world. It is not about modifying her way of being to your liking, but rather that you guide her to find her own passions and develop a free spirit, far from expectations.

Teach him that he doesn’t need to be like everyone says he has to be.

Your niece has no obligation to “like” others. Don’t let him think that he is not enough or that he is not doing things well just because he is not keeping up with others. Do not allow her to question what she is capable of, show her that she can do anything.

It highlights that she is beautiful in her heart and in her mind, not only because of how she looks or how she dresses but because of the values ​​she has. And as cheesy or cliche as it may sound, always remind her that true beauty comes from within.

You don’t need anyone’s approval to “be pretty.” You don’t have to try to make someone like you to be someone important.

Teach him that its value does not depend on what others think of it. You do not have to change for anyone or be as others expect. We are in a moment where We want to break with those beauty stereotypes that only pigeonhole us and make us doubt our worth.

As aunt, you can encourage her to follow a passion that allows you to express yourself and feel safe about your body and person in general. Let your compliments focus solely on her physique And avoid as much as possible complaining about your own imperfections in front of her because she will think that is more important.

Be honest with her and tell him that not everyone will like him and that’s okay. It is impossible to please everyone and it is exhausting to try because they will always find something to criticize. Teach her that the only person she should like is herself and that there is nothing more powerful than seeing herself with love every time she stands in front of the mirror.

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