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Taxi driver crashes in Iztapalapa, and is beaten to death

Elements of the capital police they detained a subject in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, who allegedly beat a taxi driver to death, for not letting it go down a street.

The police officers who arrived at Oyamel Street, in the Miguel de la Madrid neighborhood, where they reported a traffic accident, observed when a subject hit a citizen, who was unconscious and lying on the asphalt tape.

When the officers intervened and requested medical services to treat the injured, the taxi driver had already lost his life.

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Early versions indicated that a wine-colored car and a taxi-type vehicle, chromatic pink with white, collided head-on when both tried to pass through a narrow street, which caused the annoyance of both who got off and began to fight.

On the site was stopped the 41-year-old man, driver of the private car who was transferred to the Special Prosecutor for the Crime of Homicide.


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