Taxes on tobacco, sugary drinks and gasoline will increase in 2021: AMLO

During the last morning conference of 2020, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that for next year taxes on tobacco, sugary drinks and gasoline will increase 3.3% due to the inflation adjustment.

From the National Palace, the president assured that despite the increase, there will be no increase in real terms.

“Despite this increase in fuel, which has to do with inflation, today, throughout January and until later, gasoline will continue to be cheaper than at the beginning of this government,” he declared.

Likewise, he pointed out that an agreement was reached with the corn producing companies and a commitment was guaranteed to keep their sale price to tortilla producers unchanged for the next 60 days.

Before the consequences of the pandemic by Covid-19, the representative of the Federal Executive assured that the challenges are being faced, and maintained that the country has improved in the growth of the economy, job recovery, financial stability and recovery of the peso.

“We have not had a problem with the consumption of basic products falling, and the welfare of the people, especially the poorest people, has been guaranteed. In all this, the growth of remittances has helped and it can be assured, without fear of mistake, that this year is a record in shipments from our countrymen to their relatives in Mexico. Remittances exceeded 40 billion dollars and everything indicates that it will be an increase compared to last year of 11% ”, he added.

In the same way, he stressed that a 15% increase to the basic salary was decided, he indicated “it is important to know that in the time that we have been there there is an increase to the minimum wage of around 45% in real terms.

Finally, he stated that public finances close 2020 with good data, since despite the pandemic, collection is higher in quantitative terms.

“I give all Mexicans a hug and encouragement. We will do well next year, we will do better, we will do much, much, much better. Courage and congratulations ”, he concluded.

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