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Tattoos to remember that love that cares for us from heaven and will always be with us

Losing a loved one is an experience that marks our lives and that becomes a learning process; you have to live without their presence, but always keeping them in mind because they live in our memory and sometimes, in our skin, through tattoos.

They are a great way to honor them, also that our body is the canvas to mark our experiences, so nothing better than taking that someone who will forever have a special meaning for you.

Tattoos to remember a deceased person

Life Beyond Tattoos

There are those who believe in reincarnation after earthly life is over, so they can represent that great love through the animal that identifies it the most.

Those that have special meanings are also very frequent, such as butterflies, since they transmit the learning of transforming themselves, from a caterpillar, to something better, to fly freely.

Your pet, your faithful friend

But if the hard loss was about those loving four-legged companions, there are tattoos that remind us of their daily faces in the company of their favorite objects.

Tattoos with your favorite flower

One of the tattoo options preferred by women for their delicacy and beauty are the flowers of that love that came before going to heaven. It can be worn anywhere on the body or size, but it looks really special close to the heart.

Words or phrases

If there was a characteristic word, a unique phrase or even a date in common, why not wear that great memory on your skin? It is one of the most minimalist versions that can go unnoticed.

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