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Tamaulipas files a complaint for apocryphal documents in the case of the CFE blackout

Ciudad Victoria.- To be elaborated and spread apocryphal documents, the General Secretariat of the Government of the State of Tamaulipas presented before the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE), a complaint of facts against who is responsible in the Federal electricity commission (CFE), based on articles 221, 222, 223 and 224 of the National Code of Criminal Procedures.

The information indicates that the reason for the complaint is for the investigations to identify the responsible for counterfeiting, so that they are sanctioned in accordance with the law and the case does not go unpunished.

On Tuesday, December 29, at a joint press conference with the National Energy Control Center, the CFE justified the lack of electricity supply to more than 10 million Mexicans, which occurred a day before, due to the alleged effects of a grassland fire to two transmission lines located in the area of ​​the municipality of Padilla, Tamaulipas.

For this, the CFE exhibited before the media an apocryphal document with the purpose of attributing to the State Coordination of Civil Protection a communication that never existed.

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In the complaint of the Government of Tamaulipas It is indicated that the falsification of documents in this case is evident for the following reasons:

– The exposed signature of the Director of Coordination with Municipalities is different from that of the state official. The same server never signed the letter presented.

– The format and arrangement of the logos incorporated in the document are different from those used by the State Coordination for Civil Protection.

– The description of the facts is false: Civil Protection did not participate in the aforementioned grassland fire, and the logs do not show any calls from CFE on the 911 emergency number.

– And, the folio number is fraudulent as it does not coincide with the institutional series, in addition to lacking clearance stamps.

“Given the evident lack of honesty and the commission of crimes in the preparation and dissemination of apocryphal documents, which was manifested in the press conference led by the CFE, these behaviors must be investigated and the corresponding responsibilities should be defined, with the aim that the those responsible are punished, ”the document adds.


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