Tamaulipas Civil Protection denies CFE’s official letter on fire prior to blackout

Tamaulipas Civil Protection affirmed that the official document presented this afternoon by the Federal electricity commission (CFE) as proof that a fire generated the blackout on Monday, December 28, and that the facts do not correspond to reality.

The state coordinator of Civil Protection of Tamaulipas, Pedro Granados, said that the official letter that CFE officials showed is apocryphal, because that signature does not correspond to Emmanuel González Márquez, it does not have stamps and the folio number is not real.

This is the document presented during the conference:

This is a previous trade recognized by the agency, held by EL UNIVERSAL:

In addition to the fact that in said document there is a report of events that did not exist either because in the text that CFE showed it is stated that at 3 in the afternoon of December 28, 2020 a call was received from the 911 emergency line where reported a fire in grasslands on the shore of federal highway 85 Victoria-Monterrey, which did not occur.

It was not until 5 in the afternoon when “we received an audio from a fire department person from the Ciudad Victoria municipality who said that a person from CFE was reporting a fire in the El Barretal area.”

Granados stated: “The (Civil Protection) service was not required because somehow they were solving it, we did not even participate in that fire. It is strange for us to be involved with a supposed trade where they do a whole narrative with other schedules … it does not adhere to reality, it talks about units that are not, it does not bring stamps, the signature is not … “.

There is also no record in C4 that someone called 911 to report that fire that was theoretically at noon and caused the electrical transmission problem.

Another falsehood, they say, is that unit number 01 came out at 3:20 in the afternoon to verify the report, because “aquarium one is a unit that is decomposed, it has been decomposed for a long time, there are many inconsistencies in that trade” .

Someone from Civil Protection from another municipality could have participated, but the document says that it was issued by the Tamaulipas Civil Protection and was signed by the director of coordination with municipalities of that instance, Emmanuel González Márquez, but he does not know the signature and the document.

“He (González Márquez) works with us but he does not recognize that trade, that firm, it is not his and several elements that do not show consistency. It is strange to us that this profession has been used ”, he added.

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On Wednesday afternoon, the Federal Electricity Commission reported that the imbalance caused by the blackout that affected 10.3 million people in different states of the country last Monday was caused by a “major” fire in a 30-hectare pasture in Padilla , Tamaulipas.

The director of the CFE, Manuel Bartlett, supported the version of the fire.

“Upon detecting the fire, the local Civil Protection was notified. Due to the meteorological conditions that caused strong winds, the fire spread and as a result two lines went out of service,” said Noé Peña, CFE official, at a press conference virtual.

After the fire, various events were unleashed that caused the power outage, Carlos Meléndez, director of the National Center for Energy Control (Cenace), listed.


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