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Take a walk, crazy! Sobchak put on an even more provocative dress

If it seemed to someone that Xenia’s dress at the recent award was frank, what can you say about the outfit in which the star appeared at the Heat Music Awards?

All the cream of the domestic show business on the evening of April 4 gathered at the “Heat” music award. Ksenia Anatolyevna, who was in Perm during the day at the premiere of her husband’s opera, got, as they say, from the ship to the ball. And immediately attracted attention with a sexy outfit.

With the arrival of spring in Sobchak’s life, apparently, the “snake” period began. The celebrity herself prompted this association.

“The snake woman wishes you the most poisonous dreams,” Ksenia wrote on her Instagram on Friday evening.

“Woman-snake” Ksenia Sobchak flashed her breasts in a translucent dress

Now we can draw a parallel between the two dresses in which the journalist appeared – a translucent beige with sequins, complemented by a necklace in the shape of a reptile, and a frank acid-green, decorated with a massive leather belt.

A spectacular blonde appeared on the red carpet in the company of her friend and the king of the pop scene, Philip Kirkorov. Against the background of Philip’s black tuxedo, “poisonous” Ksenia looked even more bright and defiant.

Such a bold evening dress requires detailed consideration and evaluation. Ksenia knows how advantageously “naked” dresses can emphasize the figure, and therefore she chose this option for the evening. She wore a black bodysuit and a sparkling translucent green dress on top.

Unlike the previous outfit, there was no need to look at Ksenia’s figure with the help of lighting or foreshortening – everything was already visible, and even a noticeable accessory on the waist did not distract attention from the “interesting” parts of the body.

Probably, the sexy image was carefully thought out and planned in order for Ksenia to look spectacular with her beloved husband Konstantin Bogomolov, with whom she was supposed to conduct the event. However, the artistic director was unable to appear at the award because of the suddenly appeared work plans, and he was replaced by Ksenia’s partner on the red carpet, Philip Kirkorov.

Let us recall that the Heat award is of great importance for the stars of the domestic show business, especially after almost a year’s lull in high life. See the report soon on our website.

Photo: xenia_sobchak / Instagram

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