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Taiwan: Citizens change name to “salmon” for free sushi

In Taiwan, citizens are allowed to change their name up to three times. However, what is currently going on in the offices of the state should not be in the sense of this regulation. And it causes trouble in those offices. Now there is a request from the authorities: The people should please stop changing their names officially to “salmon”.

The background: a well-known chain of sushi restaurants has launched an action. Anyone who can show the name »Salmon« on their ID can look forward to an all-you-can-eat sushi meal. Up to five other people can feast along.

According to the local media, around 150 people, mostly younger ones, have changed their names accordingly. This is legal, but it arouses displeasure among the authorities. “This kind of name change not only wastes time, but also causes unnecessary paperwork,” said the Deputy Interior Minister, according to the British “Guardian”. According to Chen Tsung-yen, people should think about how they “deal with government resources.” “I hope everyone can be a little more careful,” said the politician.

After the action is changed back

It didn’t look like that at first. Local TV channels broadcast interviews with people who had taken advantage of the spectacular PR campaign. “I changed my name this morning (…) and we’ve eaten for over 7,000 Taiwan dollars,” a student surnamed Ma told TVBS. That corresponds to the equivalent of about 210 euros.

Another person told SET TV that she recently changed her first name to “Salmon”, as did two of her friends. “We’ll just change the names back afterwards.”

For the frustrated officials in the Ministry of the Interior, there is at least some good news: The action by the sushi restaurant ended this Thursday (local time).

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