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T-Mobile launches 5G at home with unlimited data for 60 euros

The alternatives to fiber in Spain are to use a 4G connection at home or hire satellite Internet. However, none is a true alternative in terms of speed. In the case of satellite, initiatives like Starlink will help close the gap in terms of speed or latency. For its part, in the field of mobile connections, we have no doubts that 5G will be the technology that changes everything. At the moment, in Spain they are not being offered “5G at home” rates, but the same does not happen in other countries. In fact, T-Mobile has just launched 5G at home with unlimited data for 60 euros.

The plans to bring fiber optics to all Spaniards in 2025 continue, but there will always be very specific areas that will be left out of these deployments. Here they must continue to opt for mobile or satellite connections. 5G could be your great hope, although for this you must auction and deploy over the 700 MHz band, the one with the longest range and coverage indoors.

However, in USA They are not in that advanced position when it comes to fiber optic deployment. In fact, millions of Americans, mainly from rural areas in the center of the country, do not have access to a quality connection. This is something that the new government is trying to amend, but it will not be easy. 5G is a true alternative in these areas and there are already operators offering this type of 5G connections at home.

5G at home with unlimited data

T-Mobile launches 5G at home with unlimited data

The North American operator has just announced the launch of a new 5G Internet plan at home that can be get for $ 60 a month with unlimited data. It will be available to more than 30 million Americans, including 10 million households in rural areas that do not have access to quality broadband from other operators. Of course, the connectivity may be 4G in certain cases if there is no 5G coverage.

T-Mobile promete 100 Mbps average speeds for most users of the service. The offer will include a modem that will be configured in a few minutes with the use of a mobile application. The operator confirms that it is a final price with no hidden costs, although it is not offered throughout the country. We must access the web to check the coverage and contract the service.

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