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system to predict when it will run out on iPhone

Apple wants its users to take care of the battery

In iOS we have seen numerous functions related to lengthening the battery life. This new patent that we have discussed will try to predict and warn the user when the iPhone battery is expected to run out. In Apple Insider they have wanted to clarify that this patent will give advice to users to know how long the battery will last in relation to the use that it is given. Right now, you can only check the screen power-on hours as well as the consumption of each of the applications throughout a week or on a specific day.

Now they want to give it more intelligence so that taking into account the use that is given to it, the autonomy it will have will be seen. In this way, the notifications that emerge will be much more intelligent. The current notification system only shows that the battery is at 20% or 10%. But now it wants them to be smarter and adapt to users.

iPhone charging battery

Apple in its patent gives a clear enough example to understand it. It raises the situation that a person who forgets to charge the mobile before going to sleep only receives a notification the next day that the battery is running out. This is precisely what is required to change to identify the behavior of the user in different ideas of the week to adjust these alerts and always alert the user. In addition, it could also alert users depending on their location and not only on time slots.

Obviously this is a simple patent and it may not be applied or it may be materialized in a future major update.

iOS 14.5 already includes new battery features

We have seen how Apple has included new battery-related features in its latest beta, so this is a path that they are following right now. This new function is focused on the recalibration of the battery in the iPhone 11. In this way the software tries to analyze at all times the charges that are made to the device to give a final verdict. This will say if a battery replacement is necessary at an authorized service or is not necessary due to the situation of the battery.

This is complemented by the function to know the health of the battery that gives information quite similar to this. In the future it is possible that this patent will be given to give much more information.

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