Syria: Biden orders air strike against militiamen

Status: 02.26.2021 02:25 a.m.

For the first time under the new President Biden, the United States carried out a military strike. According to activists, 17 Iran-backed militiamen were killed in Syria. The Pentagon spoke of a “proportionate response.”

US President Joe Biden has ordered an air strike against Iranian-backed militiamen in Syria. This preceded, among other things, rocket attacks on US forces in Iraq. The Pentagon said it was in retaliation for a rocket attack in Iraq that killed a US company employee and injured a US soldier and allied soldiers. It is the first military strike under the new US administration.

According to activists, at least 17 members of pro-Iranian militias were killed in the air strikes. The attacks were directed against three trucks with ammunition near the Iraqi border, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“This proportionate military response was carried out together with diplomatic measures, including consultations with coalition partners,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby at the announcement of the air strike. The mission sends an unmistakable message: President Biden will act to protect the lives of American employees and employees of the military coalition. At the same time, however, the approach is also aimed at de-escalating the overall situation in eastern Syria and Iraq.

Multiple missile strikes on US targets in Iraq

On Monday, according to the Iraqi army, at least two rockets hit the center of Baghdad within the extensive fence around the US embassy. On Saturday, rockets hit Balad Air Force Base, injuring employees of a US company. On February 15, an employee of the US-led military coalition was killed in an attack at Erbil International Airport. Eight civilian employees and one US soldier were injured.

An unspecified number of Iraqi and Kurdish civilians were also injured as rockets hit residential areas near the airport. There is a US military base in northern Iraq near the airport. The military coalition confirmed that a total of 14 rockets had been fired, three of which hit the base. Kirby said the investigation into who exactly carried out the February 15 attack is still ongoing. A Shiite militia called the Guardian of the Blood Brigade had claimed responsibility for the attack.

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