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Symptom duration significantly shorter: Antibody cocktail works against Covid-19

Symptom duration significantly shorter
Antibody cocktail works against Covid-19

A drug consisting of two antibodies significantly reduces the severity of a Covid 19 disease – this is shown by new study data from the Swiss company Roche. In addition, sick people are symptomatic for a shorter period of time. However, the remedy is not unknown.

According to new study data from the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche and the US partner Regeneron, a drug combination is effective against the coronavirus. The antibody cocktail REGN-COV2 has reduced hospital admissions and deaths by around 70 percent, said Roche. The therapy developed by Regeneron consists of the specially developed antibodies casirivimab and imdevimab.

It also leads to a reduction in the duration of symptoms by four days. On average, this is 14 days, but only ten days with the drug cocktail. The study results would be presented to the US FDA and the European Medicines Agency EMA. The goals of the phase III study, in which the agent was tested on non-hospitalized infected people, have thus been achieved, said the company Roche.

The antibody cocktail reduces the viral load of Covid-19 patients and leads to a decrease in visits to the doctor. Previously, a study confirmed positive effects in sick people who are already in clinical treatment. The antibody cocktail made from casirivimab and imdevimab was approved by the European Medicines Agency EMA for provisional use in cases of Covid 19 disease at the end of February.

Trump was treated with REGN-COV2

The federal government had already bought 200,000 cans of antibody funds for 400 million euros in January. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, it was not only REGN-COV2 but also the agent Bamlavinimab. Both agents had previously received emergency approval in the USA.

Last October, REGN-COV2 gained worldwide fame after the then US President Donald Trump was treated with the antibody cocktail. The combination of the two antibodies bind to the so-called spike protein of the coronavirus and can thus deform its structure. The antibodies are supposed to slow down the penetration of the viruses into the human cells and their reproduction.

Regeneron announced in January that its agent was also fully effective against the British variant of the corona virus. With the South African Corona variant, however, one of the two antibodies contained in the agent only worked to a limited extent.

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