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Switch off for calls to Holan

Ariel Holan became the new coach of León and the club carried out a dynamic with the fans that exceeded expectations

About 3,000 fans “spoke” by phone to the new Leon coach, Ariel Holan, for almost three hours before “disconnecting” the Argentine.

ESPN Digital He was able to talk with José Ramón Fernández Gutiérrez de Quevedo, marketing and commercial director of the Esmeraldas, who was satisfied with the result of his team’s ideas, since the response on social networks to the initiative was “incalculable.”

But, what did the presentation of the new Argentine coach who succeeds Ignacio Ambriz consist of? Around 6:00 p.m., the official account of the Panzas Verdes posted a twitter with the following message:

HELLO, Dial me 4771017012

Followers and the media dialed the number and the surprise was the response of the new Leon coach. “Hello, I’m Holan, I’m Holan, new coach of the León Club, together we will start a new tournament, so I want to know what you think and know what the great fans of La Fiera are like. Leave a message after the tone and share it,” closes the recording which lasted until 10pm last night.

He was very grateful -Holan- and surprised by the reception of the fans. You have heard many of the messages. When you get here, you’ve asked to hear everyone. Friend we will do when he arrives “, assures ‘Jose’, as he is affectionately named in the Guanajuato team.

However, the concept was not easy because they were under time pressure. Reunited with his group of collaborators, he came up with the original idea.

“Last week we did one with Alexa and the answering machine went out to voicemail, etcetera.”

The first call to Holan was at 6:07 p.m. León disconnected the switch at 10:00 p.m.

The club is proud to break with the marketing schemes in Liga MX. They are pioneers, they know it, and they anticipate many surprises, both commercially and sportingly.

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