Swiss army wants to introduce lingerie

The Swiss army lacks women. A look at the equipment of the soldiers, however, reveals why the troops may only be an attractive employer to a limited extent for women. As reported by the »Aargauer Zeitung«, among others, the standard uniform only includes men’s underpants, a model for women is not provided.

Long and short underwear for women are now to be tested for the first time in a test phase starting in April. This was announced by the supplier of the Swiss Army, Armasuisse. Apparently they are aware of the problem there. “The old generation of uniforms was not geared enough to the specific needs of women,” said a spokesman for the newspaper. The last uniform procurement took place in the eighties.

The National Councilor Marianne Binder-Keller, however, calls for further steps to get more women excited about working in the army. “The equipment is designed for men, but if the army is really to become more feminine, appropriate measures are needed,” Binder-Keller is quoted as saying by the “Aargauer Zeitung”.

She is receiving support from Major Tamara Moser, who heads the “Army and Women Inclusion” project. According to Moser, the Swiss Army has not taken the necessary steps to equate women for years.

According to the British BBC, the proportion of women in the Swiss Army is currently only around one percent within the entire force. The share is to be increased to ten percent by 2030.

According to the »Aargauer Zeitung«, it is not yet certain whether the change in underwear in the Swiss Army will actually lead to more equality. Armasuisse does not want to comment on whether the new women’s underwear will be tested in different sizes and shapes. “Otherwise,” the paper quotes a soldier, “none of this makes any sense.”

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