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Swapped as a baby – Spaniard complains about 3 million euros

She lived someone else’s life without knowing it …

Because she was swapped as a baby in a hospital in the Spanish city of Logroño, a 19-year-old is suing the health authorities for three million euros in damages.

As a result of the mix-up, the woman came to a family with many problems in 2002, so she grew up with her supposed grandmother. This is how the plaintiff’s lawyer, José Saez-Morga, describes it.

What about the other baby?

The other woman, who also grew up with the wrong family, has since been informed, but has not yet filed a lawsuit, reported the state TV broadcaster RTVE and the newspaper “El País”.

The health authority has admitted the mix-up caused by “human error”, but only wants to pay 215,000 euros in compensation.

How did the mix-up come about?

Both babies came into an incubator as premature births and were swapped around, according to Sara Alba, the current Minister of Health for the responsible northern Spanish region of La Rioja.

The error was only noticed in 2017 when, in the course of a maintenance suit brought by the alleged grandmother of the plaintiff against the alleged father, DNA tests revealed that neither he nor the “mother” were the biological parents.

Today’s security measures in the delivery rooms made confusion practically impossible, as in 2002, the minister said.

Now the plaintiff is waiting for the result of a DNA test of her alleged father in order to clearly identify her biological parents.

Sad: Your likely mother is no longer alive, she died in 2018.

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