SUV collides with truck: 15 people die in serious accident

SUV collides with truck
15 people die in a serious accident

A car occupied by 27 people collides with a heavily loaded semi-trailer truck on a southern California road. How the accident happened not far from the Mexican border is unclear. The consequences, that much is certain, are extremely tragic.

According to a medical team, 15 people were killed in a serious accident with a truck and an off-road vehicle in southern California. Other people were injured. The very full car had collided with a truck for a still unknown reason.

According to the TV broadcaster CNN, an SUV crossed the “direct lane” of a truck loaded with gravel and hit it. There were 27 people in the automobile. That said the head of the emergency department of the hospital Regional Medical Center in the city of El Centro, Judy Cruz, in a press conference. Of these, 14 died at the scene of the accident, another victim died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

According to NBC, ten survivors were transported to the hospital, three of them by helicopter. Nothing is known about the condition of the injured. It is not yet known why the SUV collided with the semi-trailer. The cause of the accident is still being investigated, an official told CNN. The accident occurred in Imperial County, near the city of El Centro, about 10 miles from the Mexican border.

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