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Suspension against the company of the son of Manuel Bartlett, CFE director, is reversed

The company Cyber ​​Robotic Solution SA de CV, owned by León Bartlett, son of the Federal Commissioner of Electricity, Manuel Bartlett, achievement cancel a disablement that the Ministry of Public Function (SFP) had imposed on him so that he did not obtain public contracts for 21 months.

This morning, in a circular published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), it was reported that Cyber ​​Robotic obtained a definitive precautionary measure against the disqualification imposed by the SFP, after it became known that the company sold fans at a premium and without adequate conditions to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Hidalgo.

On August 31, the SFP asked all the institutions of the federal government, to the federative entities and municipalities that abstained from entering into contracts with the Leon Bartlett’s company in a period of 21 months, however, the determination It was voided after the injunction in favor of Cyber ​​Robotic.

The precautionary measure was issued by the Thirteenth Metropolitan Regional and Auxiliary Chamber in Matters of Serious Administrative Responsibilities, which stated the following:

“… in the case, the granting of the precautionary measure is appropriate consisting of leaving without effects the publication dated August 31, 2020, in the Official Gazette of the Federation of circular 16/2020 related to the disqualification sanction imposed in the administrative file SAN / 036/2020, of the Ministry of Public Function.

“Since said measure does not encounter the obstacle of public and social interest, taking into account that said definitive registration or registration may irreversibly affect the right of the governed to their own image, in the personal and professional sphere, which is of greater weight than the interest in registering, for administrative, transitory and merely preventive purposes, the temporary sanction imposed; and in any case, the registration for such purposes can wait for the final sanctioning resolution. “

It was between the end of April and the beginning of May when the media announced that the Cyber ​​Robotic company had sold fans to IMSS Hidalgo at a much higher price to which they were normally obtained, and later the agency rejected the machines considering that they did not have what is necessary to be used in the care of patients with Covid-19.

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