Survey: dissatisfaction with the country’s situation grows and already reaches 76%

74% considered that the country’s situation worsened compared to last year and 47% predicted that next year will be worse; Alberto Fernández’s image does not escape this malaise and disapproval reaches 61% Credit: Capture

“What would you say is your level of satisfaction with how things are going in the country?” Faced with that question from a study of the Universidad de San Andrés, 76% of those surveyed responded that they are dissatisfied. Further, 74% considered that the country’s situation worsened compared to last year it is included 47% predicted that next year will be worse.

The image of the president Alberto Fernandez did not escape that malaise: according to the survey, the President exhibits a 61% negative image, a far cry from the high approval ratings it had in the early months of the pandemic.

After the peak experienced by the positive image of Fernández In April, where he reached 67% approval, the president began a decline that placed him in fifth place in the ranking of political references, with a 34%. The podium is made up of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta,who has a 45% total positive image, followed by Maria Eugenia Vidal, with 43%; Patricia Bullrich, with 35%; and Martin Lousteau, with 34%.

It was precisely the opinion regarding the performance of the Executive power the one who suffered the biggest drop which also started in April: only 20% were satisfied. The other powers are also located there. Regarding the work of the Supreme Court, a 76% He replied that he is dissatisfied. In the case of Chamber of Deputies was a 73% and the performance of Senate, a 71%.

The survey carried out by the University of San Andrés covered 1015 interviews and also revealed that 65% of those consulted disapprove of the current government. The greatest support for the management of the Frente de Todos is in the south of the country, reaching 45% approval. It is followed by Greater Buenos Aires, with 41%, and the Province of Buenos Aires, with 36%.

With 38%, it is the generation millennial who else supports the current management (those born between 1980 and 2000). On the contrary, that generation called “silent”, that is to say those born between 1928 and 1945 disapprove the most.

Gone seem to have been those historical values ​​of approval, compliance with the initial measures regarding the pandemic and approval of its image. After April, most indicators show a decline. Taking into account the segmentation by socioeconomic level, by generation or locality, in all cases dissatisfaction exceeds satisfaction.

The 1015 interviews were conducted between December 15 and 28, 2020, 18-year-olds connected to the internet throughout the country. The credibility interval is 95% with a margin of error of +/- 3.15 points.

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