The sunglasses They are usually an ally just as important as shoes, bags and evocative pieces of jewelry, since their imprint not only contributes to providing a great frame to the face, but also to the style in general. And although there are some designs that prevail season after season, there are definitely models that are a more than suggestive alternative for a particular face morphology.

Using the sunglasses that rejuvenate you and the trends in glasses that we have dissected from the spring-summer 2021 catwalks, we bring you the designs of sunglasses that meet the requirements of styling and benefiting a type of round face. Here are 5 models in which you will find the perfect accessory you were looking for.

The trendiest sunglasses for round-faced women

Counteract with the morphology of the face

The multiple trends in glasses of the spring-summer 2021 season indicate that the sunglasses in hexagonal, rectangular and square format they will be at the epicenter of the most outstanding bets. And in fact, it is precisely these formats that we have seen on the summer catwalk of the Boss firm or the Ami label that are responsible for bringing to the scene the straight lines that we need to balance a morphology of Round face. Make use of the different geometric formats and don’t be afraid to experiment with dimensions that tend to be overwhelming.

Colossal lenses

Contrary to what we usually think, sunglasses in a colossal and gigantic dimension they contribute to stylize the face of women with round face. And this spring-summer 2021 season, Ralph Lauren has introduced an attractive and elegant format in a dark shade, Valentin Yudashkin has flirted with a two-tone glass, Thom Browne has decided to opt for mirrored sunglasses and Gucci has sealed their creations with an indisputable vintage tint.

In case you do not feel a predilection for oversized lenses or maxigafasTry to opt for a design with a frame that conforms to the guidelines of the face, in order to achieve overall harmony.

Cat eye, always cat eye

The cat eye sun lenses They have always been the great ambassadors of the classic elegance of the fifties, which in fact used to catapult the styles of women like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Thus, this season the glasses have proposed to impregnate the collections of firms such as Valentino, Miu Miu and Bottega Veneta with retro reminiscences, whose creations not only propose to reinvent their imprint for the warmer months of the year, but also to become the best. alternative for a morphology of Round face.

With a tailored suit in a gentle shade, shirt dresses, babydoll-style or patterned garments, the gafas cat eye They will help seal a formidable style.

Dark shades

There is no doubt that glasses in dark shades They are suitable for women with a round face, since the color palette made up of black, not absolute black, intense brown and dark blue is the most suggestive to produce a stylizing effect on the face. From a gleaming black hue in the Saint Laurent collection to a brown in Tibi, the sunglasses in a somber tint they are the absolute allies of women with round-faced morphology.

Aviator glasses (with some revision)

The aviator glasses, present in the latest collections by Max Mara, Oliver Peoples x The Row, Cartier and Michael Kors, they are a great success when choosing sunglasses to stylize the face. Timeless or in a version with a certain nod to the revision of the angles, this design in question will consume a balance in the physiognomy in general.

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