Sunday with only one death from Covid-19 in Yucatán

MÉRIDA.- This Sunday, the health authorities reported 58 new infections dand Covid-19 in Yucatan and a death.

Today 179 patients are in public hospitals, 22,464 patients have already recovered, they do not present symptoms nor can they infect. This figure represents 85% of the total registered infections, which are 26,184.

Cases in the state

50 in Mérida.
1 in Cacalchén, Kaua, Kopomá, Progreso, Tixkokob, Tizimín, Umán and Valladolid.

Of the 26,184 positive cases, 221 are from another country or state.

Cases in Mérida

Specifically in Merida 15,716 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus (accumulated cases as of December 26), living in:

  • 4,616 in the North zone
    4,333 in the East zone
    1,464 in the Downtown area
    2,062 in the zona Sur
    3,241 in the Poniente area


A 59-year-old woman from Mérida with a history of systemic arterial hypertension, chronic kidney failure, and diabetes.

In total, there are 2,871 people who died from the Coronavirus.

Of the active cases, 670 are stable, isolated, constantly monitored by SSY medical personnel; have mild symptoms.

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