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Summer 2021 | The cities that tourists chose to spend the long Christmas weekend

The Blanearian cities of the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires were the most chosen by tourists to spend the weekend after Christmas.  (Photo: NA)

The Blanearian cities of the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires were the most chosen by tourists to spend the weekend after Christmas. (Photo: NA)

At the beginning of the summer season, the Christmas long weekend. With the holiday on Friday, they were more than 600 thousand the Argentines who completed the “Summer” certificate to get away and celebrate in relaxation mode.

The Ministry of Tourism of the Nation made a report, which was able to access, in which he detailed the provinces and cities most chosen by tourists to spend the Christmas festivities.

At the provincial level, the Buenos Aires territory was at the fore, followed by Córdoba, Entre Ríos, Neuquén, Río Negro, Santa Fe, Mendoza and Salta.

While, in relation to the most sought after locations, travelers prioritized places with beaches or spas to cool off, in a long weekend in which good weather and high temperatures prevailed.

(Photo: TN PIC)
(Photo: TN PIC)

According to the ranking presented by the portfolio led by Matías Lammens, the Coast Party (1), Mar del Plata (2), Villa Gesell (3), Pinamar (4), Monte Hermoso (5) and Miramar (6) were the cities that had greater tourist flow.

Outside the province of Buenos Aires, the list is led by the city of Bariloche (7), Río Negro; followed by San martin de los andes (8), in Neuquén; Jump capital (10); Rosario, Santa Fe (11); Villa Langostura, Neuquén (12); San Rafael, Mendoza (15); San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Catamarca (16); Gualeguachú, Entre Ríos (17); and Merlo, San Luis (18).

The seaside resorts of Necochea and Santa Clara del Mar, ranked 9th and 13th, respectively. While Tandil, also in the province of Buenos Aires, was located at 14.

At position 19, figure the city of Villa Carlos Paz, In cordoba. It is important to note that in this province there was also an intense movement, but that until January only internal tourism is enabled and for owners.

From the real estate sector, they reported that towns such as the Partido de la Costa, Entre Ríos, Salta and Neuquén had high levels of reservations in hotels, cabins and private houses. According to the information obtained by the provincial authorities, Gualeguaychú, had an occupation of 90%; San Bernardo, 85%; Pinamar above 80%; Cafayate, 75%; Santa Teresita and Villa Gesell, above 70%; Bariloche, 60% in cabins and 35% in hotels; and Mar del Plata, 40%.

“After this unprecedented year, it is very good news for the sector may we have another long weekend with positive occupancy rates and a high compliance with the sanitary recommendations in the main destinations of the country ”, he stated Lammens.

President Alberto Fernandez made the commitment in September to enable the summer season. In parallel to this decision, the Interministerial Council for the progressive and responsible opening of tourism in the country was formed, in order to create the necessary infrastructure and draft the relevant protocols, which minimize the possibilities of contagion of COVID-19 in the centers tourist and attractions.

In this way, Modular Sanitary Centers were implemented in key points, as well as the expansion of the DetectAr plan and the launch of the Operation Sun to Sun, which this year has among its objectives to avoid clandestine parties.

At the same time, the “Summer” certificate was implemented, to obtain greater control and information of the people who enter each destination. As well as the virtual platform that bears the same name, where you can access the requirements to enter all the provinces and complete the aforementioned form.

The long weekend of Christmas, exceeded the number of Argentines who traveled to the holiday for the Immaculate Conception Day, which was four days. Those days, 530,000 people processed the Summer certificate to be able to leave your place of residence and take a few days off in a tourist destination.

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