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Suez Canal: First parts of “Ever Given” exposed – bow still on sand

economy Suez Canal Blockade

“The ship is not free yet”

Wrecked ocean liner “Ever Given” is swimming again

Excavators tirelessly digged mud and sand – with success: The container ship “Ever Given”, which was wrecked in the Suez Canal, is swimming again. The ship ran aground and blocked the important trade route in both directions.

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Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer dampens the joy of the first report of success in the “Ever Given” which was struck in the Suez Canal. Part of the huge container ship is still sitting on sand, a new suction dredger is on the way.

Band Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has not yet seen the all-clear for the situation on the Suez Canal. The CSU politician said on Monday with a view to the container ship “Ever Given” which ran aground in the canal: “After the direct feedback from on site, the ship is not yet free.” The operator BSM confirmed “great progress” in the liberation of the Ship opposite WORLD, but it is not yet completely exposed.

The bow is still sitting on sand. Another suction excavator, which is supposed to wash away the sand under the bow, should arrive on Tuesday. In the course of the day, at high tide, another attempt should be made to tow the ship free.

Early Monday morning, the maritime service provider Inchcape Shipping announced that the 400-meter-long ship had been brought back into floating condition and was being secured. Ten tugs were involved, and 27,000 cubic meters of sand and mud around the ship were sucked out overnight – and the full moon, which caused a high tide at night, also helped.

For days, aid and rescue teams have been using tugs and dredgers to free the ship belonging to a Japanese owner that ran aground on Tuesday.

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After the success report, it was initially unclear when the “Ever Given”, which was traveling north in the canal on the way to Rotterdam, could continue its journey. When the tide resumes at 11:30 a.m. local time, efforts would resume to pull the ship into the middle of the waterway, said the head of the canal authority, Osama Rabei.

According to the canal authority, around 370 ships were waiting for passage on both sides of the canal, including 25 oil tankers. Financial news service Bloomberg reported 450 ships waiting. “We are currently analyzing the impact of the traffic jam in so many affected ships on the logistics, especially for the supply chains,” said Transport Minister Scheuer.

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The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea and thus offers the shortest shipping route between Asia and Europe. According to the Suez Canal Authority, almost 19,000 ships passed through the important waterway in 2020. The day-long blockade caused the channel to lose around $ 13 to 14 million in revenue every day.

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