Successful vaccination thanks to Brexit ?: Blair’s “Spin Doctor”: “Lies from the start”

Successful vaccination thanks to Brexit?
Blair’s “Spin Doctor”: “Lies from the start”

What is the current situation with the British-German relationship? Alastair Campbell should know – the British journalist was, among other things, government spokesman and political advisor to Tony Blair. In the interview he talks about Brexit, populists and vaccination nationalism.

After many years of Brexit debates, pandemic border closings and the recent fight over vaccines, the relationship between the EU and Great Britain has hit rock bottom. Most recently, it was about possible export bans for vaccines and the fundamental question of who has better corona management. “This vaccination campaign is a success, I acknowledge it, and I am very happy. But it has nothing to do with Brexit,” says British policy advisor, journalist and author Alastair Campbell on the podcast “Zero Hour”.


Alastair Campbell has shaped British politics for decades.

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He criticizes the government’s attempts to exploit the successes in vaccination – Brexit supporters see it as proof that it was right to leave the EU. “Someone in Brussels made the stupid mistake of mixing Brexit with this vaccination campaign,” says Campbell.

The now 63-year-old shaped British politics for decades. Among other things, he was government spokesman and “Spin Doctor” for Tony Blair. After the Brexit referendum, he supported the “People’s Vote” campaign, which – unsuccessfully – campaigned for a new referendum.

“We have to realize that the story of Brexit was a story full of lies from the start,” he says. He is very critical of the British government. Prime Minister Johnson is a populist who only cares about his political interests and his political strategy. “For that he has to wage this kind of war with Europe.” The blame for problems is consistently passed on to the EU. At the same time, the British government lacks the ability to admit its own mistakes – also in dealing with the Corona crisis. “We must never forget how Johnson was in the beginning. The mistakes that have been made. And we have these catastrophic deaths.”

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